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Oriental Jade Longitudinal Crane Catches Dragon Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 00:54   Engineering   Sale   264 views
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As he thought and walked, he stepped sideways behind the mirror! That knows a foot to just step in, feel suddenly in front of suddenly see the light, the front seems to be a pole. Its far-reaching hall, which is full of people, is very quiet! Yue Tianmin was very cautious and secretly alert. He looked around for a while. It turned out that the stone room was less than ten feet in length and breadth. But on the stone walls in all directions, there are large bronze mirrors. At first glance, there is a mirror in the mirror and a room in the room. It seems to be very far-reaching. A lot of shaking figures, all of their own. He knew it was a hallucination in his eyes, and he immediately closed his eyes and looked at it carefully again. Just found out every The large bronze mirrors all stood on their sides like walls, facing each other in the distance. Behind the mirrors, there was a walkway about three feet wide, as if the doors were connected. When Yue Tianmin saw this, he suddenly realized something and thought to himself, "Yes!"! In front of this'Tianxiang Mirage ', there is a Stonehenge implies the art of the Eight Diagrams, and there are many bronze mirrors in the middle. The doors are heavy, and it is clear that there are three talents, five elements and eight. The divinatory symbol, the nine palaces, and other formations are set up. If you want to enter the formation, you will feel that the sky and the earth have changed color, the path is cut off, the door seems to be alive but actually dead, and the road seems to be open. Shisai! "Humph!"! How can I be trapped by this kind of formation? He smiled proudly and turned sideways from behind the mirror. Sure enough! Another one Ten meters square mirror room, size and form, and the previous one,Pallet rack beams, exactly the same. Strange, it seems that there is no ambush inside, press put a lot of bronze mirrors, what is the role of Australia? Although there were many doors, it was not surprising that Yue Tianmin continued to move forward. In order not to get lost, he always took the first place on the right. A bronze mirror standing on the side of the face turns. I walked four or five rooms in a row, big and small, so empty that there was not even half a figure. Nope From the heart gradually feel impatient, so go on, go to when? Sister Qi and sister Ying had already come to the cliff,pipe cantilever rack, and they couldn't find themselves. Perhaps he was still waiting on the edge of the cliff, so he might as well go out first and come with them to explore. As soon as I changed my mind, I followed him just now. Come on, get out! Exactly! When you come, turn in from the first bronze mirror on the right, and then go out from the left. The first bronze mirror came out. Through four or five mirror rooms in a row, it is estimated that they should return to the exit corridor. What's the matter? Not yet? Relying on his high level of skill and strong determination, Yue Tianmin will never confuse his direction because of several doors and mirror rooms. He sneered With a cry, he took a big step and went forward again. How many mirror rooms were there? It seems that it will never be finished, Yue Tianmin. I was so angry when I left that I thought to myself, "This'Tianxiang Illusion Land 'is just relying on the door of the bronze mirror to confuse people's hearts. I just want to shatter the bronze mirror." 'Tianxiang Fantasy 'is naturally broken. Think of here, the right hand fiercely forward split out! A strong wind hit the big bronze in front of him. Mirror. "Bang"! After a loud noise, the big bronze mirror still stands. Although he only used three or four percent of the strength of his own palm, But it was enough to crack the stone and open the monument, but when it hit the bronze mirror, the mirror was only a little concave. The bronze mirror was so strong that I could not help approaching it and taking a closer look. It turned out that every bronze mirror was born on the stone wall. Come on, how did this shatter? There seemed to be no alternative but to follow the door and go out. Oneself to the eight diagrams strange door of study, also slightly. If there is research, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Steel racking system, it is better to identify the location first. When I was meditating, I heard a faint sound of graceful music. Drift Suddenly, clear to the ear, seems to be close to the side, and seems to rise from the bottom of the earth. Does this sound come from Hu Wei? Is someone having fun in the cave? Mmm! Not a trick to lure the enemy? The music came faintly, became clear to the ear, from clear to the ear, and gradually rose, as if from each large bronze mirror. Come out! Graceful and light, like the music of Jun Tianxian, it is very pleasant and fascinating. As soon as Yue Tianmin looked up, he caught a glimpse of eight graceful young girls with beautiful faces standing behind him. It is only covered with a layer of pink gauze. Where can the light gauze hide the rippling spring? Beautiful animal carved from suet white jade, fragrant shoulder Oblique cut, breast augmentation towering, jade shares reflect snow, round buttocks congealed fat, exquisite concave and convex, fine show! They are smiling at each other, looking forward to each other, and looking at themselves with a smile! Yue Tianmin was startled and suddenly turned around. They were so fast that at the moment when they turned around, they turned around and still stood behind them. Flowers tremble lightly! Four sides of the ground bronze mirror, at the same time repeatedly reflected, touching the congealed fat, as if he was trapped in the middle of the inner screen! Yue Tianmin was surprised and turned away again. Ha! Eight girls in gauze, like shadows, are still hidden behind them. Nope! The lotus step is light, graceful and graceful in oneself Spread out behind you? Is this true or unreal? Doubt for a lifetime, the right hand suddenly lifted back! Memories! It's empty. There are people there? It's a miracle! In a small room of ten feet square, obviously only oneself, this. These eight coiled silk caves are full of life. Where does the evil spirit shadow of incense come from? Is this the "Tianxiang Fantasy"? After looking at it carefully for a while, I was suddenly enlightened. Mmm! This large bronze mirror, with one side facing the other, can be rolled through the mirror as long as there is any movement in a certain place. Turn the mirror and transmit it from afar. When he thought of this, he couldn't help looking into the mirror. The music is getting lighter and lighter, eight shawls. Young girls, dancing with the wonderful music. Light gauze swaying, weaving waist style, light, greasy, dripping crisp congealed fat, spring color Boundless! Around the front and back, the bronze mirrors in all directions reflect, the beautiful shadows are blurred, and the dancing state is whirling, like hundreds of beautiful girls, surrounded by chaos. Turn. This will enter the country of incense, sleeping flowers, too many things to see! A faint fragrance, non-blue non-musk deer, as if from the girl's body, with a mysterious breath, straight to the nostrils. Drill, refreshing and intoxicating! The mirror room slowly covered with a layer of pale pink mist, which curled up like smoke! This is the "Tianxiang Fantasy" in the unique "demoralizing incense mist", ordinary people as long as the smell of a little, will be shaken, can not. Self-control, then unconscious, at the mercy of others,Pallet rack upright, even if your internal strength is profound, it will be difficult to hold for a long time, the end of the fierce. omracking.com

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