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Phoenix Dancing in the Sky (Nvzunwen) Internship Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:09   IT & Telecoms   Bath   334 views
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Shaoyang heard my words, his face changed from white to gray, and his body was tottering. I don't know whether it was unintentional or deliberate. His neck was drawn hard to the tip of the sword. The guard who pointed the sword at him was too frightened to let go. The wound was bigger and the blood flowed faster. Shaoyang seems to have the practice of suicide, my heart suddenly a pain. Shaoyang, don't you understand that what I said is to save you? Why don't you always give me a chance to explain? Even so, I will not let go of the people who hurt you! Zhao Lan! "I suddenly shouted loudly and coldly.". Zhao Lan touched the tip of the sword, and the wound that Chi Jiong had just solidified was a little deeper, and the same blood flowed. Chi Jiong realized that I really didn't care about Mo Shaoyang, and that I really wanted her life, and that my arrogance was a little loose. Hurriedly roared: "Slow-!"! Just change it! "I don't suffer a loss to the prince!" Hearing this sentence, my clenched fist was a little loose, my heart was wide, but my face was still cold and cruel, without a trace of relaxation, lest the shrewd Chi Jiong see the clue and hurt Shaoyang. Zhao Lan escorted Chi Jiong to take a step back, Chi Jiong's escort escorted Mo Shaoyang to take a few steps forward, and both sides quickly changed people together. Chi Jiong was soon welcomed back to the middle of the guards, but Shaoyang was hobbling. My heart moved. I was afraid that what I had just said would be a big blow to Shaoyang. I loosened Ye Minzhi's hand and stepped forward to hold Shaoyang. I came forward to prepare to help this little action of Shaoyang, did not escape the eyes of Chi Jiong Yin,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I seem to see Chi Jiong smiled coldly. At this moment, I saw Chi Jiong in the crowd, hiding a bow and arrow, close range force, the arrow shot very fast, straight into the back of Shaoyang, Yin ruthless cold,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Chi Jiong is really going to kill Shaoyang now? As soon as I copied it with my hand, Shaoyang rotated and was pushed to the ground by me. I fended off the arrow as hard as I could. The arrow immediately flew out smoothly. Unexpectedly, the arrow quickly divided into three arrows in the air, and with the strength of being pushed aside by me, it came back. The instant change was so fast that I parried two arrows separately, and the last one that slipped through the net came straight to my chest. It turned out that Chi Jiong did not want Shaoyang's life, but was aware of my concern for Shaoyang and used Shaoyang's body to kill me. She concluded that I would save Shaoyang, and that I would not be able to escape the most powerful mother-son arrow in the world. At this critical moment, a man next to me threw himself on me. I knew it was Ye Minzhi. In order to save me, he kept resisting the arrow. I had not had time to repay the kindness I owed him. How could I let him get hurt in order to save me? In a hurry, I immediately hugged Ye Minzhi and tried my best to let Ye Minzhi avoid the arrow. The one who rotated Ye Minzhi just hugged him for half a circle, but he still didn't come and spin. As soon as my back cooled, I knew that the arrow had entered my body. Although the inertia of my rotating posture dissolved part of the arrow force, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I still failed to avoid the mother-child arrow. Soon, I smelled the blood on my body. The author has something to say: a friend in need is a friend indeed. The heroine still has Shaoyang in her heart. Snow hate me slowly leaning on Ye Minzhi's body, conveniently touched my several big holes, stopped the flow of blood. Mind is unusually clear, immediately loudly ordered: "Liu Sheng, give me shoot to kill!"! Leave no one! Zhao Lan, Zhao Lan, kill Chi Jiong, cut off the head, cut a section at the waist, throw it to feed the dog! Your Majesty, your wound? "Liu Sheng hesitated." It doesn't matter, nothing will happen! You kill the enemy present, is the best protection for me! I roared, but my voice was getting weaker. Nan? -How are you? Why are you so stupid? Ye Minzhi hugged me tightly and scolded me nervously. Brother, aren't you the same? Nan'er had not yet repaid the kindness she owed her brother, so how could she owe him a new kindness? I said weakly on Ye Minzhi's shoulder. Nan'er, my Nan'er- "Ye Minzhi hugged me and murmured in my ear.." Ling? Mo Shaoyang, who woke up with a start, half rolled and half crawled over, and his trembling voice revealed his nervous and worried mood at this time. "I'm all right-this arrow is not poisonous. Don't worry. Brother, treat the wound for Shaoyang first." I leaned on Ye Minzhi's body, took out a small bundle from my bosom and handed it to Ye Minzhi, and said slowly. Ye Minzhi let go of my body with deep pain, obeyed my meaning, and slowly moved me to Shaoyang's shoulder. Open the bundle, take out the medicine for the wound, and smear it on Shaoyang's neck. Save Ling first! Save Ling first- "Shaoyang sobbed." Shaoyang, I said what I said just now on purpose to Chi Jiong. Don't misunderstand me again. If I don't say that, you may not come back- "I said weakly to Shaoyang.". Shaoyang was slightly stunned, and tears flowed down. He whined, "Ling, it's all my fault-I misunderstood you-I'm sorry-Ling-I'm sorry-I was wrong-I was wrong.". Shaoyang's hand gently stroked my cheek, and his face and eyes were full of sorrow and regret. Ye Minzhi paid no attention to Shaoyang. He took out a pill from the bundle for me to hold, and one for Shaoyang to hold. Then he smeared the medicine on Shaoyang's neck and said, "This is Nan'er's meaning. I have to obey. You'd better be obedient and stop making trouble." A word, Shaoyang murmured can not speak, also dare not have a dispute, obediently let Ye Minzhi smear. Ye Minzhi temporarily dealt with the wound of Shaoyang, began to open my small bundle, carefully sprinkled a lot of powder on my back. We all know that now is not the time to pull out the arrow, Ye Minzhi just simply tidied up, like Shaoyang silently waiting for my side. The brilliant fireworks in the sky began to bloom again,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, unusually beautiful, Ye Minzhi could not help but stand up and look at the situation of the two armies against each other. Seeing the fireworks, I felt a little comforted. Looks like they made it. fycgsonic.com

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