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PP Yarn Rewinding Machine suppliers Full-time Job

Dec 7th, 2022 at 03:07   Financial Services   Sandhurst   225 views
Job Details
The main motor power of the winding machine is between 2.2kw and 4kw.
This plastic film winding machine utilizes heart-shaped cam instead of reciprocating lead screw mechanism for traditional winding machines. This ensures smooth and steady winding. The overall length of the plastic film winding machine is largely shortened due to its 5-layer winding method on both sides. So, the machine is ideal for use in combination with plastic film extrusion machines.
The machine adopts magnetic drive, which can maintain constant tension in the winding process. The winding line speed is fast, the winding of wire spindle is flat, and there is no edge wrapping on both sides, which improves the flatness of woven cloth. It can be used together with high-speed wire drawing machine to improve output and reduce cost.
This cam winder is matching plastic extrusion tape machine,the lubrication of the reciprocating guide screw adopts electronic timer to control the quantity of oil. Technology of 5-layers and 4-layers winding is applied, tape-guiding head is inlaid with hard alloy, which is endurable.
Main Technical Parameters:
Reciprocating Length: 200mm
Max Diameter of Tape: 120mm
Width of Tape: 1-4mm
Thickness: 0.03-0.1mm
Reciprocating Frequency: 15-40tims/min
Range of Adjustable Voltage: 100-200v
Size of Bobbin: 桅38x230mm
Power Drive Motor: 2.2-4kw
Main Technical Parameters
TypeLayer of spindleNo. of spindleDimension of bobbin (D 脳L) (mm)Linear winding speed (m/min)Power of main motor (kw)Power of winding motor (kw)Installation dimension (L 脳W 脳H) (mm)
S-STL- 鈪?1905190 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-1602.295700 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?2405240 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-1603117000 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?2905290 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-1603148500 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?3905390 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-16031710500 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?4305430 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-16041911500 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?4805480 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-16042213000 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?5205520 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-16042414000 脳1500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?600/ 鈪?/p>5600 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-1603 脳2278800 脳4500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?720/ 鈪?/p>5720 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-1603 脳23210300 脳4500 脳1700
S-STL- 鈪?760/ 鈪?/p>5760 鈽?/p>38 脳23050-1603 脳23310800 脳4500 脳1700PP Yarn Rewinding Machine suppliers
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