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Preservatives manufacturers Contract Job

Apr 12th, 2023 at 07:42   Engineering   Basingstoke   135 views
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Preservatives manufacturers Product Description Sodium acetate, CH3COONa, CAS127-09-3 also abbreviated NaOAc, also known as sodium ethanoate, is the sodium salt of acetic acid. This colorless deliquescentsalt has a wide range of uses. In industry Sodium acetate is used to neutralize sulfuric acid waste streams and also as a photoresist while using aniline dyes. It is also apickling agent in chrome tanning and helps to impede vulcanization of chloroprene in synthetic rubber production. In processing cotton for disposable cotton pads, sodium acetate is used to eliminate the buildup of static electricity. In Food It be added to food as a seasoning, sometimes in the form of sodium diacetate, a one-to-one complex of sodium acetate and acetic acid,given the E-number E262. It is often used to give potato chips a salt and vinegar flavor. In Concrete longevity it is used to mitigate water damage to concrete by acting as a concrete sealant, while also being environmentally benign and cheaper than the commonly used epoxy alternative for sealing concrete against water permeation. In Buffer solution as the conjugate base of acetic acid, a solution of sodium acetate and acetic acid can act as a buffer to keep a relatively constant pH level. This is useful especially in biochemical applications where reactions are pH-dependent in a mildly acidic range (pH 4-6). Sodium Acetate also used for organic synthesis of esterifying agent and photography, medicine, medicine, printing and dyeing, mordant pigment, tanning, electroplating and other many aspects. Can be used to produce a variety of chemical products, such as acid, acetate and chloroacetic acid. 聽 Specification Sodium Acetate Anhydrous ITEMSSTANDARD SPECS Content99.0-101.0% Loss on drying鈮?.0 % PH (1% Solution)7.5-9.0 Heavy metals as pb鈮?0ppm Alikalinity as NaOH鈮?.2% As鈮? ppm Sulfate SO4鈮?.1% 聽 Package and shipment Packing: Packages are 25kg/bag,Which can meet the different package requirement of customers Shipping: EMS,DHL,By Sea ,etc. 聽 Packing,Storage,Handling and Transportation Sodium acetate snhydrous (CH3COONa) is packaged in paper-plastic composite bags. The product should be stored in its original packing or in a suitable sealed container and kept in a clean and dry place.Storage conditions should preferably be a sheltered environment with limited temperature variations and low humidity levels.Touch the package with water or any other liquid directly will cause the product to cake,should not be stacked in pallets.Under normal conditions,the use of this product does not cause any undue health hazard.Precautions must be taken to prevent solid or liquid product to contact with skin or eyes. 聽Preservatives manufacturers website:http://www.food-ingredient.net/industrial-additives/preservatives/

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