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Proboscis nevus by Qu Xiaoqu Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 00:55   Engineering   Salford   377 views
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"I even doubt that she can get it." "Hm?"? Why? Isn't she particularly confident? Soho: "The six guests of the program group, five of them including me, have been confirmed. The sixth one.." It is said to be a mysterious guest, which will be revealed on the day of recording. Ji Anan blinked and got excited. "Is there no Lin Han in the five places?" "Uh-huh.". And according to the positions of the other four people, Lin Han could not sit in the position of the mysterious guest. Ji Anan suppressed the impulse of the cry of surprise, "isn't she happy in vain?" "But the variables are uncertain.". The results will have to wait for publicity. "When is the announcement, boss?" "What's the date today?" Let me see. Number 5. "Well, the 5th." Soho bent his eyes and smiled. That's tomorrow night. “——” The night of the 6th. It's called "Crossing, Other Worlds!" The new [official Weibo] account posted its first post. [Crossing, Other Worlds!] [Official Weibo]: Large-scale virtual world role-playing variety show "Crossing the Other World!" Start broadcasting at the end of the month! The train to the mysterious country has arrived, and the magnificent and fantastic world is waiting for you to see. Passengers, are you ready? [Ke Yu] [Qi Lou] [Qiu Chenxiang] [Su He] [Xia Shi Yi] There is also a sixth passenger [Mystery Man X]-a surprise from heaven, so stay tuned! At the same time,Warehouse storage racks, the program group spent a lot of money on promotional films with special effects, which were released on various platforms. The whole network explodes. 16. Chapter 16 Chapter 16 As soon as the official blog came out, the five guests were forwarded at the first time. [Ke Yu]: Sofa! First passenger in position! (Retweet)//Crossing, Other Worlds! Official Weibo: The train to the mysterious country has arrived, and the magnificent and fantastic world is waiting for you to see. Passengers, are you ready? [Ke Yu] [Qi Lou] [Qiu Chenxiang] [Soho] [Xia Shiyi] There is also the sixth passenger,Pallet rack supplier, the mysterious man X-surprise from heaven, please look forward to it! [Qiu Chenxiang]: Please fasten your seat belts. (Retweet)//Crossing, Other Worlds! Official Weibo:.. [Xia Shiyi]: I'm ready. (Retweet)//Crossing, Other Worlds! Official Weibo:.. [Qilou]: Mysterious train, fantastic journey, who will sit next to me? (Retweet)//Crossing, Other Worlds! Official Weibo:.. [Soho]: Man Wu, conductor, please start the train (forward)//Crossing, warehouse rack manufacturer ,radio shuttle racking, another world! Official Weibo:.. Soho had not finished writing the last full stop, next to Ji Anan screamed, her hand shook, and Weibo was sent out. Soho:.. Soho had no choice but to turn around. "Tell me honestly, who sent you to harm me?" Ji Anan grabbed Soho's arm and shook it: "Qiu Chenxiang, boss!"! Qiu Chenxiang! Super gentle, super gentleman! Or the best actor! The role that won the award last year is so fascinating! “…… Don't you chase stars? Ji Anan: "I'm not a star chaser. I just like him!"! I want his autograph. "" Soho: "…" Soho: "You let go of my arm first, everything is easy to say." It took almost five minutes for Ji Anan to finally calm down from his high excitement. After she asked Soho to agree to help her get an autograph, her attention returned to tonight's events. Boss, you have millions of fans on Weibo! "Mmm." "A lot of people come to your micro-blog to leave messages!" "Oh." "Ha ha ha, the picture I sent you was praised as a fairy!" "Ah." “……” Ji Anan turned around. "What's wrong with you, boss?"? So cold tonight? Fans are soaring, aren't you happy at all? Soho lay on the tatami with a serious expression. I'm impressed by my intelligence. Ji Anan: ".." Ji Anan: "Boss, are you happy and silly?" Soho: "I told you yesterday, I always feel that Lin Han is not over." Ji Anan nodded. "Yes, you said that.". But now her variety show is blown-I see how she can show off to you tomorrow. ” Soho was silent for a few seconds, looking lovingly at Ji Anan: "If all the people in the world were as silly and sweet as you, how many worries would I have to alleviate?" Ji Anan: ".." Ji Anan exploded, "just chat, how can you make personal attacks?"! Boss, what are you trying to say? Soho was amused by Ji Anan's reaction. She raised her chin and motioned for her cell phone. Her character and style will not be willing to be pressed by me. By tomorrow at the latest, Lin Han will definitely do something. “” Facts have proved that Lin Han really did not endure the patience of the next day. About half an hour later, she sent a new micro-blog. [Lin Han]: I thought hard work was enough, but.. The arm can't twist the thigh. I'm sorry I can't give you good news. But it doesn't matter, for you, I will continue to stick to it. Good night. The appearance of "pretending to be strong even if you are injured" immediately attracted the attention of all Lin Han's fans. What's wrong with sister Han? Sister, don't cry! If you have something to say, we will carry it with you! The good news is gone? What is it?] [This time point reminds me of a variety show.] [Some variety + 1] [Arm can't twist thigh? Is it difficult to..] [Hehe. I was surprised to see the official blog before! Not to mention the mystery man X, the other four are all A-list stars, right? What the hell is that Soho? [Day, is that Soho who has plastic surgery according to our sister Han and still enjoys the popularity of our sister Han?] [She must have robbed Han Mei's quota!] [Shameless!] [She is on the 18th line, why should she compete with our sister Han for the quota?] They all said that their arms couldn't twist their thighs. They must have hugged some great thighs. [Bah!] ………… The fighting capacity of Lin Han's fans is strong,Narrow aisle rack, coupled with the deliberate rhythm of the water army, the flames of war quickly burned to Soho's micro-blog, scolding the sky. omracking.com

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See how Wassara, a mining company, uses metal 3D printing to solve deep drilling problems? _ Manufacturing