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Qing Yu Nian Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 06:58   Engineering   Sale   512 views
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Fan Xian knew that what she said was reasonable. No matter who marries Begonia to enter the door, it is like putting a Dan book iron coupon at home. But he did not know whether his wife was testing for the last time or how to do it, so he said with a bad smile, "But.." The Chinese flowering crabapple is really not so good. After Lin Waner is stupefied, spat him: "You are the evil spirit in color!" Fan Xian smiled, but at this time he was thinking about what Lin Waner had said about the Ye family? Ye Chongshen is the garrison of Kyoto. Ye Linger is about to marry the second prince, what on earth is the emperor Lao Tzu thinking? A great master? If the situation really goes on like this, from Fan Xian's point of view. Those people in the palace are afraid that they are not afraid of Ye Liuyun, the great master. He frowned and asked, "When I was not in Kyoto, did Ye Chong resign from the Kyoto garrison?" Lin Waner shook her head. Fan Xian sighed in his heart and asked, "Has Mother sent a letter?" The mother in his mouth was naturally the long princess of Xinyang. Although he knew that Waner had no feelings for the peerless beautiful woman, he still had to show some respect in front of Waner. Lin Waner still shook her head, and there was no superfluous expression between her eyebrows. Fan Xian gives birth to pity. Rub her eyebrows gently and whisper, "How are you?"? Previously, he only talked aside, but he didn't ask about the most important thing. Xiaosheng should be beaten. Lin Waner smiled and said, "Lord Fei often comes to see it, and he insists on taking the pills. He feels quite good." Fan Xian nodded: "It seems that the convalescence on Cangshan Mountain is good. The whole family went to live in winter this year. It's a pity that they didn't soak in hot springs last year." The two of them were whispering little love words and humming little love songs,gold shaking table, when unexpectedly outside, the maid's slightly anxious voice called out, "Young master, young mistress, dinner is ready. The master has sent a message urging her several times." Fan Xian gave a strange cry, lifted the quilt, and immediately began to dress. He was just going to stay in the back house for a while and then go to pay his respects to his father. He didn't expect that he had played a trick to exchange his body for peace, but he was trapped in the gentle sea. He forgot that his father was still waiting for him in the study. When he thought of his father's serious face,coltan ore processing, Fan Xian could imagine how angry he was in his heart. A son went thousands of miles back to the mansion, but he didn't worship his parents first, but he went to fool around with his wife. It doesn't make sense to say that he went to heaven. Waner also complained about him and began to dress and dress. Sisi and Siqi had been outside the door for a long time. Listening to the sound, they went into the room to serve the two masters and tidied up everything as quickly as possible. Following a lantern carried by the servant, they pretended that nothing had happened and went to the front house. In the middle of the hall, the maids stood quietly on one side. Fan Jianzheng, Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, sat in awe in the middle. Although Liu Shi had straightened up, he still habitually stood on his side to place cups and chopsticks. Fan Ruoruo sat on his left hand, thoughtfully. Fan Sizhe sat at the bottom, hiding under the table with his hands playing with what Fan Xian had thrown to him before. Seeing Fan Xian and Lin Waner come in, Ruo stood up, Fan Sizhe also hurriedly hid things in his sleeve, chrome washing machine ,gold CIP machine, followed by his sister to salute them. Sitting in the middle of Fan Jian did not look at Fan Xian, but nodded to Lin Waner, this daughter-in-law's identity is somewhat special, not easy to neglect. There are many rules in the family, but Fan Jian is busy with his official duties, so he seldom eats at home. Today, Fan Xian's first return is naturally more formal than in the past. At the dinner table, no sound could be heard. When the meal was over, Fan Jiancai looked at his son and said lightly, "You're going to be knighted." Baidu search bubble book bar to read the latest and most complete novel/small. Say T/X/t days. Don Chapter 6 in September. First class baron, second class. Fan Xian pondered the importance of the title in his heart, worried that the title would cause some criticism. In fact this is also he is too cautious, although the northern qi is not a dangerous thing in the face, but after all is also a hard job, in the early spring on your majesty refuted the prime minister Lin and Fan Shilang's face, hard to kick him out of Kyoto, although after the event will be promoted to a minister, but at this time to Fan Xian plus a baron's title, in the eyes of the world, is only the second compensation for Fan Fu, No one will be too surprised. What's more, since entering the capital, it is well known that the reason why the long live master in the palace appreciates the boy of the Fan family is that more than half of the reason lies in the so-called literary talent, which just caters to the general strategy of the emperor's civil rule. Fan Xian earned the face of a carriage book in the Northern Qi Dynasty and returned home. Your Majesty naturally wants to reward him. As far as Fan Xian's present duties are concerned, he doesn't think much of a baron, but a knighthood is always good for doing things. He looked at his father and said, "When will the decree come down?" By this time, the father and son had been talking in the study for a long time. Fan Xian picked up some of the less secret parts of his mission. Whenever he was involved in the affairs of the courtyard, before he could show his embarrassment, Fan Shangshu waved his hand first and let him jump over. In fact, in the final analysis, Fan Xian grew up in Danzhou, and rarely communicated with his father after he entered the capital. Most of the places where he spoke were in this simple and unique study, so when it came to feelings, it was really a bit lacking. But somehow, at this time, he looked at Fan Jian's hair growing on his temples. He also thought of those romantic figures in the Northern Qi Dynasty who had been blown away by the wind and rain, but his heart was gloomy with a trace of guilt. The dean is right. Si Nanbo doesn't owe Fan Xian anything. Fan Xian owes him a lot. Enter the palace tomorrow. You'll probably invent the idea. Fan Shangshu closed his eyes and drank Liu's fruit pulp every night, which seemed to be quite enjoyable. "You did a good job in the north this time. President Chen has a lot of credit, and Your Majesty appreciates it very much." Fan Xian thought this trip to the Northern Qi, in addition to their own secret things, in fact, did not do anything for the court, including Yan Bingyun's return,tin beneficiation plant, but also on the way. Can't be regarded as effort absolutely, can't help wry smile way: "Actually all the way back and forth, I really didn't do anything." "Sometimes.". It's really good to do nothing. Fan Shangshu slowly opened his eyes. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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