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Rebirth of holding a golden thigh Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:10   Security & Safety   Adwick le Street   301 views
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Because these two students really look very well-behaved. That's good. All right, now let's take out our Chinese textbooks and start our lecture. Said Wen Yun. Yes The first class of Class 3, Grade 2, is Wen Yun's Chinese class. She is the head teacher and Chinese teacher. Lin Zhaoqing also listened carefully to Wen Yun's class for a while, and then she found that Wen Yunjiang's class was really good. When she read the text, she was full of emotion and enunciation, and when she spoke those new Chinese characters, she would make very interesting disassembly, so that the children could understand better. Lin Zhaoqing really feels that this teacher's teaching is really good, even after more than 20 years, it should be a very advanced teaching method. But, even if you think so, but if you learn all the things you know, will you be able to lift it? The answer is no. So then Lin Zhaoqing began to be a little empty. Chapter 117 good mood. Lin Shijin also noticed that although Lin Zhaoqing looked at the blackboard, he was probably already in a daze. However, he did not mean to disturb him,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, of course, because before in the central primary school, because the head teacher knew that they were good at learning, so he did not care much, as long as he did not disturb the classroom discipline. But now it is different, because schools in the city have always been very strict with students. Especially Lin Zhaoqing has just transferred to another school. Although Wen Yun knew that Lin Zhaoqing and Lin Shijin had done very well in the Mathematical Olympiad paper, but now they have just begun to be in a daze in class,endless pool factory, such a situation is always impossible. Lin Zhaoqing, would you please stand up and answer the teacher's question? Wen Yun opened his mouth and shouted. Lin Shijin quickly touched Lin Zhaoqing's arm and whispered, "Let you get up and answer the question." Lin Zhaoqing stood up after a few seconds. Now there are some words on the blackboard. Can you arrange them in order? Wen Yun asked, "If you don't know a word, you can ask the teacher." Because Wen Yun does not know what level Lin Zhaoqing's language ability is, so now she also wants to see if she can do so well in the Mathematical Olympiad and if she can keep up with the progress of the second grade in Chinese. Lin Zhaoqing looked at the blackboard, and now there were five sentences on it. Then she nodded and said, "The first sentence is that on Sunday afternoon, everyone came to a piece of wasteland.". And then.. The last sentence is that after a few days, the vegetable seedlings grew out. Lin Zhaoqing felt that they were transferred to another school. Anyway, the teacher would not know what they had learned in school before, american hot tub ,outdoor spa manufacturers, so there was no need for her to hide it. Moreover, this question was a second-grade question, and she should have no problem answering it. However, Lin Zhaoqing's standard accent, as well as the correct pronunciation of every word, still surprised Wen Yun. Ok, Lin Zhaoqing's answer is very correct. Wen Yun hurriedly said, "please sit down." "Thank you, teacher." Lin Zhaoqing nodded. At this time, in addition to Lin Shijin, the students in other classes were also very surprised. Some of them could not guarantee that they could answer correctly, and there were a few words that they did not know very well. They did not expect that the new students could answer correctly. It's really awesome. After that, Wen Yun asked Lin Shijin to answer the question again. As a result, Wen Yun also confirmed that the ability of these two students is indeed very outstanding, and that kind of calm feeling is really not like a child. However, Wen Yun did not think too much, because precocious children are not without. And she was still very happy. At first, she was a little worried. She was afraid that they were only good at math, but she didn't think that Chinese was not bad at all. This is really great. When the bell rang, Wen Yun left the classroom with a good mood. Several classmates gathered at the desks of Lin Zhaoqing and Lin Shijin. Lin Zhaoqing, you are in the second grade at such a young age. You are so awesome! "Yes, I can't even do that!" "That's great. Where did you go to school before?" The chattering pupils were very excited to talk to Lin Zhaoqing. Lin Zhaoqing and Lin Shijin can only answer one by one. If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. "A girl with beautiful braids said, with a white sign on the sleeve of her pink jacket, on which two bars were drawn." Are you the monitor? Lin Zhaoqing asked, two bars she remembered as if the monitor had come. The girl nodded, "Yes, my name is Cheng yuan. You can ask me any questions." "Well, thank you, monitor." Lin Zhaoqing nodded. Then Cheng yuan returned to her seat. For the first time, Lin Zhaoqing felt that the students in Tianjin were still very enthusiastic, all competing to introduce themselves, and that kind of pure child's breath made people feel very comfortable. Lin Shijin later found that Lin Zhaoqing's mood looked particularly good. After school, all the students packed their schoolbags and waited for their parents to pick them up. Children in the second grade are still relatively young, so they usually let their parents come in, otherwise they are afraid that they will encounter any accidents out of school, and the school will not be able to afford this responsibility. It was Yang Meijuan who came to pick up the two people. Yang Meijuan also asked Wen Yun how the two children were doing. You can rest assured that they behave very well and are really very clever. Wen Yun said that she was really worried before, but nothing she worried about happened at the end of the day. These two five-year-old children really don't look like five-year-old children. Yang Meijuan was certainly very happy to hear Wen Yun's words. After that,jacuzzi bath spa, Yang Meijuan led Lin Zhaoqing and Lin Shijin out of school together. Do you want to eat something delicious? When I was waiting at the door, I heard some parents say that there is a very good restaurant next to Ken. Do you want to have a look? Yang Meijuan asked with a smile. Hearing Yang Meijuan's words, Lin Zhaoqing was really a little surprised. It was KFC. I didn't expect it was only in the late 1990s. She really didn't know it before. monalisa.com

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How would her little woman react if she knew that her younger brother and sister were already formidable industry leaders? Uh!!! When Qian Mo has a bad feeling, his several younger brothers and sisters will not become non-human. Although she left a lot of things before she left, they were not very detached from this era. If you don't understand, don't think about it. Hello, sister-in-law! At the end of the training, Qian Mo could not tell what those people looked like. Anyway, they all crawled out of the mud nest. "Hello!" After saying hello to them, he called the little mud monkey to come over. Mom, I'm dirty. I'll go there after I take a shower.