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Recommend [Shuang Wen] Tyrant dreams of me every night Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:09   Independent & Freelance   Castleford   385 views
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Is it really in line with the original? It is because of this that the date between the man and the woman is delayed. Prince did not agree to withdraw troops, relying on the army has been sent out of the hay ordered not to be defeated, with the minister of war positive just. The prince is still too young to deal with this old fox as slippery as a loach. The temple became quiet again. Su Wan looked at several old men who were so angry that they blew their beards and stared at each other. The smile on their faces widened. "Lin Aiqing is in the Ministry of War, and General Biao Qi is a disciple of Aiqing. I believe that withdrawing troops is the best policy.". Since Han Aiqing has different opinions, why not compromise? All four old men looked at her like they were seeing a ghost. Zhao Heng also slanted his head to look at her, and the dark fundus of his eyes flashed a faint light. Lin Aiqing is responsible for arranging troops to transport military pay and hay reinforcements, so that the soldiers guarding the north to fight again, can not recapture the occupied city will withdraw from the peace talks. If Han Aiqing is worried that Lin Aiqing will cheat the army's pay and hay, he can also send someone to escort the army's pay with the team, and the matter will be settled. Su Wan seemed to smile. "Do you two Aiqing have any opinions?" She often meets such unconvinced partners in her life, and the best way is to tie them together and reach the same goal by different routes. They forced her to come over, and there should be a force to support her, but it is not in the temple at present. The man who was not in the palace made them afraid, so the situation was the same as that of the prince. This strange dream may really be an allusion to the original world,custom cosmetic packing, but why should she dream? The original heroine is a reborn person. Shouldn't she fall asleep? Su Wan couldn't figure it out. I have no opinion. There was a sarcastic smile on Prime Minister Han's face. "Your Majesty is wise." Lin Shangshu pulled the corners of his mouth and saluted with displeasure. "The old minister has no opinion. Your Majesty is wise." Su Wan was slightly surprised. She raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "In that case, what else do you two love ministers want to play?"? If not, I'll go back to the palace. I haven't seen enough of the companions sent by Lin Shangshu yesterday. "Your Majesty!" The smile on Prime Minister Han's face expanded. "Later I will also send some companions to your majesty." Su Wan almost fell out of the throne. That's not necessary. There are already six in the palace. See Your Majesty off. Lin Shangshu looked at Zhao Heng deeply with a perfunctory expression on his face. Zhao Heng's face was expressionless, and he stood up and walked slowly down the steps with Su Wan. The two of them walked out of the Wende Hall. Su Wan waved to the manager to come over. Her eyes showed a smile of interest. "Take all the companions from last night to the imperial garden. I'll take a good look at them." She must be able to be a cowardly emperor who is fatuous and incompetent and can only indulge in debauchery! The author has something to say: Please don't give negative scores at will ~ ~ ~ Points are very important, if the plot is really blocked and persuaded to quit,cosmetic tube packaging, May will not have any opinions, urge more negative scores.. Really not happy. Chapter 7 "The old slave obeyed the decree." The manager smiled and helped her into the sedan chair, and immediately ordered her to go down. Su Wan slanted her head and glanced at Zhao Heng. Seeing that he still had no superfluous reaction, she could not help feeling at ease. People in dreams have no thoughts. They only speak and act according to the identity given by dreams. Just now in the hall, the expressions of the old ministers were in place, but their eyes did not change much. Namely Their surnames are the same as those of the old ministers who opposed the prince and wanted to support the four princes in the original works. Su Wan couldn't help looking at Zhao Heng again. This and when the prince of the same name has been silent, in the end is not able to speak, or feel that women only deserve to stay in the house after the husband and children, do not deserve to let him bow? Su Wan thought of this, and her lips turned up unconsciously. This kind of ancient tomb school thinking is quite interesting, metal cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, if he knows that another time and space woman holds up half the sky, the ability is equal to the man, afraid is to vomit three liters of blood. Be proud. The big manager threw the whisk in his hand and smiled into a flower on his face. "Is Your Majesty's dragon body really all right?"? Would you like to see a female doctor? "No, my dragon body is very good." Su Wan silently rolled her eyes and slanted her head to look at him. "What do you want to say?" "The old slave doesn't want to say anything." The manager raised his hand to cover his mouth and shut up. Su Wan curled the corners of her mouth and kept silent. She's a natural, isn't she? A little blood. Why? It's rare. The imperial garden is close to the south gate of the imperial city, next to the queen's bedroom and the imperial concubine's palace, and I don't know how the manager arranged the accompanying reading before? To the imperial garden, last night several companions waiting for the lakeside Huifeng Pavilion, all changed into other colors of clothes, looking young and handsome, romantic. Su Wan went down from the sedan chair, and the five beautiful men saluted together. "Your Majesty is blessed." "All get up." Su Wan waved her hand and waited for the big manager to get the chair ready and sit down. She seemed to smile. "What talent do you have to show me?" Several beautiful men sat down, and one of them squeezed out Zhao Heng, who was still in court clothes, and laughed out, "What talent does Your Majesty want to see?" "Is Aiqing testing me?" Su Wan leaned back and the smile on her face widened. "If I say I want to see a big broken stone in my chest, can Aiqing come too?" The air was suddenly quiet. Su Wan secretly observed their expressions and felt even more at ease. The eyes of these people are very empty, even if they can not accept her request, the expression on their faces is brilliant, but there is no emotion in their eyes. They are all dreamers-no resistance, no thought, but will please her, hoping to be favored, her face. Su Wan is more and more able to understand the state of mind of the emperor's imperial concubine, so many beauties pick casually, what love does not love more trouble. Your Majesty is in a good mood today? Xie Liting broke the silence, "I won't break a big stone in my chest, but I've learned a new song. Would you like to hear it?" "It's still Li Ting who understands me." Su Wan slowly sat up straight, leaned over and reached out to lift his chin, smiling frivolously, "so good-looking, but want to sleep?" Zhao Heng looked sideways, and the dark fundus of his eyes flashed a sharp light. Others smiled and looked as if everyone knew what it meant to be sent to the palace. If your majesty does not mind, I am certainly willing. With a smile on her lips and a handsome face reflecting the red dress on her body,plastic packaging tube, Xie Liting felt a little more shy. "I'm playing the lute for Your Majesty." "Go." Su Wan leaned back again, languidly leaning in her chair, her lips unable to stop rising. emptycosmetictubes.com

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