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Recommend [Tian Shuang] I sell specialty and become a group pet in the entertainment circle. Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:09   Engineering   Sale   538 views
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Tang Feibai:.. Can you do that? "Why not?" Murphy punched out the east wind. "I have money." Her father is the chairman of the board, and her brother is the president. He is really rich. If I were myself, I would choose to be so capricious. Tang Feibai: "Well, in order to be in the same crew with Bai Xia, you also worked very hard." White Summer Star Eyes: "Sister Fei, I love you too!" Murphy replied to her with a wink, and then explained seriously, "Who said I was just for a crew with Bai Xia?" Zhou Heng one face does not believe, see through the look in the eyes that does not say to break: "Oh, be?" He Yulin, who was frowning and thinking, looked at Murphy's dishonesty and shook his head slowly. Murphy: Hey, what is that untrustworthy look in your eyes. Although I like the delicious food brought by Bai Xia, I do have other reasons. Tang Feibai is very curious: "What is it that makes you condescend to play the female number two?" "Why should I tell you?" After murmuring, Murphy showed his hand with a bang. "Ha ha ha, touch yourself!" Zhou Heng: "Hey, I have time to visit the class." He Yulin: "Remember to call me." + Publicity has gradually come to an end, and the day when White Snake started is getting closer and closer. Tang Feibai cancelled several activities for her and returned to Xitan City to prepare. We only have less than two days to come back, and we're going to attend the Golden Elephant Festival. We're not going back, so we'll go straight into the group. Do you understand? White summer prepares to board a plane, still holding a mobile phone did not look up, in the mouth carelessly: "Understand." Tang Feibai's tone is heavier: "Do you really understand?"? It's less than two days. Bai Xia thought about it and sent a message on WeChat. [Bai Xiaxia: I'm coming back] After she finished, she looked up and said, "I understand. I'm going to attend the grand ceremony, and then I'll go into the group to start the machine.". What's the problem? Jin Ling dragged her suitcase and looked at Tang Feibai's eyes. "I think he wanted to say that you finally came back. Take advantage of these two days to think about what you need to do and who you need to see.." Tang Feibai, who kept gesturing and looking at him, finally nodded like an old mother. Or the panda understands! Tang Feibai said earnestly,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "Xia Xia, you remember to help me, let my cousin release me from the blacklist.". The blacklist hurts feelings, and I can only call his secretary. Bai Xia looked at him sympathetically, nodded and said, "All right.". But I think it's refreshing to stay on the blacklist once in a while. Tang Feibai: ".." What kind of theory is this? When she got on the plane, she shut down the treasure team. After learning about the group from Tang Lingyi's post, Bai Xia would go up and have a look from time to time. Especially when she saw that everyone understood her very well, she got a lot of comfort. This time she had taken the initiative to tell Tang Lingyi in advance that she was coming back and gave him the best chance to pick him up at the airport. People in the group who know her itinerary are wondering whether Mr. Tang, who failed to pick her up at the airport last time, can succeed today. A few hours later, Bai Xia got off the plane. Outside the airport, there was a dark crowd of fans holding signs and calling her name. Until she got on the bus, Quillaja Saponin ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, she didn't see half of the people who picked her up at the airport. This is really great, because no one has replied to the message she sent out on Wechat. The car was originally driven to the place where Bai Xia lived, and sent Bai Xia back first. She changed her mind at the last minute. Bai Xia flew all over the country during this period of time. If he took Shen Muyi, a leprechaun without registered permanent residence, he was afraid of any accident. Before he left, he asked Tang Feibai to send him to his "father's" apartment and let Tang Lingyi take care of him. Are you sure you're going to see Kiichi instead of his father? Tang Feibai reminded her, "because if so, he is definitely not at home now." White summer: "I just go to find a wood, there is no other meaning." Tang Feibai:.. Okay, then we won't wait for you. It's good for my cousin to have a surprise when he goes back in the evening. Maybe he will be released from the blacklist as soon as he is happy. So after Tang Feibai got out of the car in Baixia, he asked the driver to drive away directly, in the name of putting her luggage back first, without leaving the car for her. Bai Xia came to the luxury apartment that he had cleaned for a period of time, and Shen Muyi was still eating snacks and watching cartoons. He comes in late every day and leaves early? Are you at home alone? Shen Muyi nodded cleverly, "Dad said he was very busy recently, and he asked me if I would like to go back to the welfare home for a period of time, because he had to go on a business trip, which might take a long time." Tang Lingyi's care for him is to arrange people to come to the door every day to sweep and replenish food. Fortunately, Shen Muyi has been used to being a loner since he was a child, and he is also used to having no one to accompany him, so he is very satisfied to watch cartoons by himself. He used to watch cartoons and TV in the welfare home, but also with other children, every time he saw their exclusive eyes, he finally chose not to watch it. Sister Bai Xia, in fact, I can stay here alone, can I not go back to the welfare home. Shen Muyi discussed with Bai Xia, "it doesn't matter if he's not here, isn't it the same as now?" Bai Xia touched his head. "He said he was going to be gone for a long time." Didn't you say how long? At least a few months, but sister Bai Xia, I think I'm all right. But if he can't be my father in the future.. Then I can go back. In fact, he didn't hate the welfare home. In the past, he didn't even want to be adopted at all. He thought he could live in the welfare home for a lifetime. But Bai Xia and Tang's father are very good to him, although they are very busy, but they have a sense of security here, he can live his own life, no longer the children look at themselves with rejection and fear. If he goes back to the welfare home, he can only be the child who can't be found in the tree every day except for eating time. Bai Xia touched his head. "Don't worry, you won't be sent back.". Muyi, I'm going to shoot, so you can go with me. I take you to a good place, there will be a lot of predecessors who like you, and will teach you a lot of things, okay? Shen Muyi hugged the pillow and looked at her with bright eyes,L Methylfolate Factory, still a little reluctant, "I'll be with you, not many people like me." pioneer-biotech.com

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