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Rehabilitation Massage Gun Contract Job

Dec 12th, 2022 at 00:53   Medical & Healthcare   West Bromwich   218 views
Job Details

Propro series, A series, Mini series
Product Application
The massage gun is an innovation that promotes relaxation. The product has different massage heads that can promote medical care by maintaining blood flow and promote recovery after strenuous work (whether in the gym or the office).The professional massage gun can perfectly eliminate muscle nodules and muscle recovery after exercise, effectively increase the range of motion, and use the pulse movement deep into the muscle to eliminate pain and pain
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Automatic Motor Winding Machine. Laser Marking Machine.SMT workshop.
Brand Story
In 2017, the company colleagues participated in the international marathon together, and when everyone went to work the next day, they felt sore muscles. At this time, a fitness expert in the company brought the massage gun he used after fitness to relieve muscle soreness. But there is only one massage gun. Everyone rushed to use it in turn. The company found a business opportunity. Through market research and comparison, in order to strive for a better sense of use and design, it began to independently develop a more professional and high-quality massage gun and founded it. The factory is put into production, and the product quality is strictly controlled. Finally, it was named after 鈥榲emake鈥?
The original intention of the brand
With the demand for massage guns in modern times, vemake adheres to the concept of popularizing sports relaxation, to help people enjoy sports better and establishes the brand. We focus on product quality and customer experience, which is the most important aspect of brand development. We firmly believe that after the market's screening, we can maintain the industry leader.Rehabilitation Massage Gun
Company Description
Hiknow medical is dedicated to creating customer partnerships through strong relationships, offering high-value,quality products and outstanding service through ongoing process improvement. We strive to provide distributors the most trusted branded and private label products and exceptional value.We bring the passion to everything which create for remarkable customer experiences.
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