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Seamstress _ Ando Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 06:10   Engineering   Salford   228 views
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Originally published as Seamstress! Mr. Zhu was 80 years old when he read La Traviata. One afternoon in the spring of 1968, Mr. Zhu went downstairs for a walk. He wanted to go to the drugstore on the corner and chat with a baby-faced girl for a while, and then naturally buy something like hawthorn pills. Baby face is very happy. Unexpectedly, it began to rain when he was walking on the road. As soon as Mr. Zhu looked up and saw a newly opened shop next to him, he pushed the door and went in. Mr. Zhu entered the bookstore. There is a warm aroma of new books. Two large bright red camellias, printed on a dark green background, jumped out of many covers and suddenly reminded Mr. Zhu of something. He picked up the copy of La Traviata and looked up to see the yellow-faced salesgirl behind the counter giving him a white look, as if to say, "Coquettish old man!"! When the rain stopped, he had folded a small triangle on the second page of La Traviata. Mr. Zhu bought the book and brought it back to his comfortable and gorgeous living room. He began to read 20,printed tape measure, 35, or a page and a half a day at a very slow pace. The last time he read literature was at least 10 years ago. The auction scene described at the beginning of La Traviata reminds Mr. Zhu of the surrender of Japan. In 1945, the Japanese evacuated from Harbin one after another, and individual high-end shops in Japan held commodity auctions, where people carefully selected their favorite objects. The Ando store,large print tape measure, the Maeda timepiece store, and the Maruko department store disappeared in an instant. Although the Ando store had been closed long before that, people were always thinking about it because of the seamstress of the Ando store. When the Ando store opened, Mr. Chu was 25 and the seamstress was 20. The seamstress was a Chinese girl, beautiful in appearance and extremely plain in dress. The first thing Mr. Zhu saw was her side face and a handkerchief with white spots on a red background tied on her braid. Most of the first floor was covered with cloth, and rolls of pastel Japanese cotton and linen lay on the counter, with an indescribable loneliness. When Mr. Zhu read that La Traviata carried red or white camellias with her-people said that La Traviata used red and white as a hint to her lover, seamstress measuring tape ,bespoken tape measure, he was so excited that he took a blood pressure pill at that time. He leaned back in his reclining chair, his book on his stomach, half asleep, thinking of the past nights as if it were yesterday, and he fell asleep thinking of her, her snow-white face, her cold eyes, her handkerchief with white spots on a red background. People say that the seamstress sat waiting for men all day, and that she moved her hands passionately over the Russian officers, as she measured their clothes, with a frosty air. A lot of people say she's a prostitute. Another Russian officer was so crazy about her that he tattooed the word "Ando" on his arm. The Japanese owner of Ando's store also liked her and gave her a lot of jewelry behind his wife's back. It was also rumored that she had sewn the jewels into her collar and had been taken away by some disguised person. In the second year of the flood in Harbin, something about the seamstress gradually came to light: she was in love with a Russian man. What Mr. Zhu heard was, "She died of such a strong big man. He died in front of the painting of Russian pine forest in the hall of Harbin Station." People also said, "She watched him die in her arms, and his eyes were more red than the blood from his nostrils." It was 1942? Or 1943? Mr. Zhu hovered at her door like a thief. He had found out the general rules of her life, except for buying something from a small shop on the street, he mostly stayed in the house alone. That day, when he pushed the door into the courtyard, she came out of the house with a quilt in her arms. She put the quilt on the drying pole, and he smelled a strange smell, and at the same time, he was suffocated by her mysterious laughter. Her hair fell from her temples, and as he searched for the handkerchief at the back of her head, her bunched hair showed strands of white hair. It was also at this time, when her fingers were tapping on the bedding, that he saw a circle of dark yellow water marks on the bedding,personalised tailor tape, and the strong smell in his nostrils was the smell of urine. Later, he heard from the neighbors that she came out to air the quilt every day and talked to herself in front of the quilt as if the water mark was a big Russian man. When he saw thirty pages of La Traviata, Mr. Zhu could not bear to read it. He always felt that there were dark yellow water stains on the edge of the page number. 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