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Sou Shen Chapter Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:38   Marketing & Communication   Canary Wharf   226 views
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Tie stared at God's receding figure, considered for a moment, and eventually left with God. In the roaring wind of Tianjue Prison Cliff, suddenly came the voice of God like illusion and reality. Fazhi, now is the time for the truth to come out. "You, too." Hearing God's permission, he had been kneeling respectfully in Fazhi and suddenly looked up. His eyes flashed a trace of doubt. Finally, he stopped thinking about it. As soon as he showed his figure, he followed closely behind God and Ah Tie. Nope! It should be said that,deep draw stamping, Behind the two "gods".. 02 022 Chapter 21 the Tomb of God Hunting is a very challenging game. Because although hunters are called hunters, in the process of hunting, they may not be able to hunt any beasts. On the contrary, it may become the prey of the beasts! Just like Ah Tie, who is now following behind the "God" and stepping into the depths of the Sou Shrine step by step, is he a hunter who "never enter the tiger's den, never get the tiger's son"? Or is he a beast stepping into the "trap of God"? What the hell is this place? This question is not only in the mind of Ah Tie, but also in the mind of Fa Zhi. But it turned out that God was leading Ah Tie and Fazhi through a very long and dark passage. Had it not been for the brilliant stone in Ah Tie's hand, he and Fazhi would not have been able to follow God's back forward. Before that, Ah Tie had never set foot in the Sou Shrine, and it was understandable that he felt strange about this passage, metal stamping parts ,Steel investment casting, but Fa Zhi stayed here for half a lifetime, but he did not know that there was such a mysterious dark passage in the Sou Shrine!Very good! Then just look, this tomb will belong to the person between us! At this point, the God faced a crystal of two feet in size, which was embedded beside the stone door. Strange to say, although the God was still motionless, the crystal seemed to be pushed inward by an invisible force,titanium machining parts, and quickly penetrated several feet into the wall. Then with a "rolling" sound, the tomb door slid aside on the spot! So the crystal is the hinge of the tomb door? Tie was not surprised. He was just wondering why God had not touched the crystal, which had been pressed down? Is this the result of God's "Maha Infinite" power. autoparts-dx.com

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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty