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Special Shaped Seal manufacturers Contract Job

Feb 1st, 2023 at 06:07   Banking   Salford   193 views
Job Details

Special Shaped Seal manufacturers Nylon inner tooth type coupling is the latest product in China, has been widely used in foreign countries, NL type - nylon inner tooth ring drum gear type coupling semi coupling adopts precision casting, cast iron HT20-40, cast steel ZG35 鈪? 45 steel, shaft hole and keyway adopts pull molding, Nylon internal teeth type coupling elastomer coat can be selected according to user requirements of various hardness synthetic nylon, reinforced cast nylon elastomer and other materials. Formation and characteristics: NLnylon inner tooth Type Coupling ordinary nylon coat for a series of improvements, the use of high strength glass fiber nylon 66 injection molding, injection molding temperature 330C, pressure 9MPA, time 4S, molding after 1 hour of heat treatment, 24 hours of humidification treatment, Make its strength more than ordinary nylon 3 times. The product is designed by the Machinery committee Ji 'nan casting, forging and pressing machinery Research Institute, suitable for flexible transmission between shafts, allowing large axial radial displacement and angular displacement, and has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy disassembly, low noise, transmission efficiency loss, long service life and so on. Basic parameters: Shaft hole types are cylindrical (Y), conical (Z) and short cylindrical (J). Shaft hole and keyway are processed according to the national standard GB3852-83 "Shaft hole and keyway form and size of coupling". Operating temperature is -20 ~ +70鈩? Each form has 10 specifications, they are suitable for shaft hole diameter D =6-100mm, shaft hole length L=16-212mm, nominal torque T= 40-3150n. m, allowable speed [N]=1800-6000r.min.Special Shaped Seal manufacturers website:http://www.hbmichu.com/special-shaped-seal/

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Connection fitting with threaded sleeve suppliers