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Stay for me tonight Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 06:46   Engineering   Sale   301 views
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"If the director was as handsome as Cheng Ruiyang, how passionate I would be in my work." Hsiao Hui still said something to herself. If the director is as handsome as Cheng Ruiyang, you won't be in the mood to work. Zhu tonight patted Hsiao Hui on the shoulder and turned to his seat. From the back came Hsiao Hui's coquettish voice, saying that Cheng's business is not so big, there must be Cheng Ruiyang's beauty to promote incentives. I just smiled and ignored it tonight. Sitting down, she could not help picking up the cup to drink water, but found that there was little water left in the cup. She took out the tea and prepared to make a cup of strong tea. Next to Zhang Jie looked at the tea tonight, and opened his mouth: "Yes, tonight, ah, how is your master?" "I just talked to her on the phone yesterday, and things seem to be going well." May the tea-brewed come back to the table again tonight. Don't be nervous, it's just a case. "Sister Zhang estimated that her face was not very good, so she said something to comfort her." Thank you, Sister Zhang. Zhu tonight nodded and blew to the edge of the cup, but when he was drinking, he was scalded by the hot tea, and his lips were slightly numb, and then there was a hot and fine pain. After coming home from work, Zhu Tonight threw all the files and backpacks on the sofa, turned around and went into the kitchen to find out what Cheng Ruiyang had cooked last time. On the weekend, she went back to her parents to eat. For so many days,Pallet rack beams, she had not found a chance to eat. She piled all the food into the microwave oven. After heating, she rushed all the scrambled eggs with tomatoes into her rice bowl, mixed them with rice, and put them into her mouth with a big spoon. No wonder there is no phone for so many days, busy with the beauty, where will care about her? Wish tonight while drinking soup, while thinking, forget it,Steel racking system, she herself is not qualified to say others. Perhaps the gap between her and Cheng Ruiyang is too big, the circle of life, is not what intersection. Looking at the man in the picture today, she almost felt like she was seeing a stranger. But it's really not a long time for them to know each other. Although they even talked about having a baby two days ago, they said they would give her all of him. That's funny.. Forget it. I don't want to. I don't want to. Tomorrow's court session is a serious matter. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, I wish to eat a bowl full of rice clean tonight, but the fish is sent back to the refrigerator intact, three delicacies soup drank a few mouthfuls and put it back, I wish to open the file tonight, in fact, there is nothing to see the file from the beginning to look down carefully word by word, resolutely do not allow myself to be distracted. But no matter how serious it is, I wish to know the words I saw tonight, and then ran out in a twinkling of an eye, leaving no trace, long span shelving ,heavy duty racking system, originally with the help of her mother's adult slightly clear train of thought, at this time mixed into a ball. Dizzy Zhu was too lazy to look at it again tonight and closed the file. In such a situation, it seems that the outcome of the next day can be foreseen. Standing in court tonight, Zhu tried his best to lay out some evidence, made a strong statement against several loopholes, asked the witness, asked the defendant, but when he watched the defendant answer her tricky questions with a leisurely and confident attitude, Zhu felt powerless tonight, and several plaintiffs in the case could not provide incomplete evidence. He was also caught by the lawyer of the other party and made great efforts to exaggerate the original effect. At the end of the trial, Zhu, who walked out of the court, even felt spinning tonight. When she looked at the hopeless eyes of the plaintiff and his wife next to her, she could not find words to comfort them. When I got on the bus and turned on my cell phone, Grandpa's phone came in first. I wish to know that he was well-informed and did not hide it. I honestly picked up the phone and reported the situation of the trial. Grandpa comforted her with a smile: "It doesn't matter. Grandpa has a little news here. The first trial, as you said, may be lost. Focus on the second trial. You also advise the couple to think of some ways. If you want to make trouble, you should find the right way. You should be smart in the lawsuit." When I heard it tonight, I knew that Grandpa must have known before the trial that he would lose the lawsuit, but he didn't say that he was afraid of hitting her. Or to put it mildly, honing. Silly girl doesn't make a sound? Don't think about it, people, there are always winners and losers, there is no lawyer who does not lose the lawsuit. From the other side of the phone came Grandpa's hearty laughter. He wished to gradually calm down tonight and said with a smile, "I know, Grandpa. I won't think too much about it. I will win the second trial. I will start preparing now.". ” "Well, tonight is really my good granddaughter, with your grandfather's style!"! Ha-ha Grandpa laughed happily and said after a moment, "Yes, tonight, remember to come and see your grandmother this weekend. She misses you very much." "Grandpa is like this every time, obviously he wants us to push on Grandma." Zhu smiled and acted like a spoiled child tonight, and chatted with her grandfather a few more words before hanging up the phone and driving back to the station. The people in the Institute all knew about the case after they had made trouble yesterday. Looking at the reaction of Zhu Tonight, and being well-informed in the same industry, they all came to comfort Zhu Tonight. But after all, someone couldn't help laughing discordantly: "Is the only lawyer Zhu who has never lost a lawsuit going to have a record of losing?" As soon as the words rang in the office, all the people in the office suddenly quieted down again. As her master Lingyun said, others will not see how hard she works but will only pay attention to her family background. Therefore, it is inevitable that she will be caught by others when she fails. Even the comfort of the people just now, I know that some of them are sincere, but some are not. At this time, Xiao Zeng, who was speaking, went in with Zhu Tonight at the same time. He had not even touched the edge of the big case. He had been complaining about Zhu Tonight at ordinary times. It was rare for him to have a chance to be sarcastic. It was normal for her to say sour words. "I don't seem to care at all tonight," Zhu said with a modest smile. "It's normal to lose. I've only been working for a short time, so I haven't lost for the time being. There will be more chances to lose in the future." The acerbic words seemed to fall on the cotton, but the soft undertaker instantly made the strength disappear invisibly, and others felt that it was not very interesting to look at it. Next to Zhang Jie busy beckoning the crowd to disperse, and then comfort Zhu tonight: "Don't think too much,Pallet rack supplier, just a case, don't haggle with them, you have to have the ability to see that others can't eat grapes and say sour grapes." omracking.com

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