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Suddenly like a night of illness. Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 02:58   Banking   Adwick le Street   285 views
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Pei's husband is a salt transport department transport, although only from four grades, is also a foreign officer, can be in charge of the world's salt administration, a rich flow of oil is not too much. If Yu Siyu had married, she would have enjoyed endless splendor and wealth, rich clothes and jade food. As her own grandmother, she would naturally be happy. But at the thought of the emperor's recent move to strictly check the national treasury, the old lady began to hesitate again. Salt transport makes Si Yuntong specially responsible for the supervision of the major salt fields, the people sitting in this position are determined not to be clean, or don't bring trouble to Yan'er. What kind of marriage? Just wait for them to get rid of the relationship after the exam. The old lady thought about it and felt that it was not good to refute Pei Shi face to face. She waved to someone to call Yu Siyu and had another plan in her heart. Chapter 30 Yu Siyu was embroidering Buddhist sutras for the old lady, and the chattering voices of the little girls came from her ears. Did you see two distinguished guests in the mansion today? That dress, that dress, what a big style! "I heard that she is the daughter of an old lady. Her husband's family is the salt transport envoy, Si Yuntong. This time she is accompanying her legitimate son to the capital for the examination." "How did you do in the exam?" "Of course into the top ten, otherwise which will continue to stay in Beijing waiting for the palace examination.". Hou Ye is the red man in front of the emperor, living in our Hou Fu is also good for others to see his family's connections, right? "I had come to take advantage of it, so I had to ask the Marquis to help me." "Where with where, the official salt transport, the most popular job in the Han Dynasty, in terms of family capital, two Hou Fu is less than half of him!"! "And his son is particularly handsome, Zhilan Yushu, elegant demeanor,metal racking systems, compared to the Marquis is not bad!" "How do you know so well, you ghost girl?" "When I passed by the front yard, I saw him drinking with the Marquis at the pavilion in the middle of the lake. His gestures were very elegant." At this point, the little girls began to laugh and laugh. Yu Siyu unconsciously stopped embroidering and listened attentively. Just then, the old lady's maid lifted the door curtain in late autumn and said, "Young lady, there is a distinguished guest in the house. The old lady asks you to go and see her." As soon as Yu Siyu was in high spirits, he hurriedly threw down the embroidered stretcher, found out his most appropriate skirt to change into,warehouse storage racks, hurried to the main courtyard, and entered the door with Yu Xiang's front and back feet. Although Yu Siyu's appearance is not as dazzling as Yu Xiang's, it is also elegant and beautiful, and has a lot more gentle and virtuous temperament than Yu Xiang's beautiful publicity. Although only a concubine, born a little worse, but Yongle Hou in an important position, Jane in the heart of the emperor, and the prince is growing up together, enough to ensure the prosperity of Yongle Hou Fu within a hundred years. Married with Yongle Hou Fu, even if married to a concubine, the Fang family is also a high climb. And the Fang family is in danger, in addition to the official commander of the Yongle Hou, when no one can save. Thinking of this, Pei Shi took out two emerald bracelets full of water head and put them on them respectively. Then he pulled Yu Siyu close to him for questioning. His attitude was very affectionate. Yu Siyu's excited fingertips were trembling, glancing at Yu Xiang, who was drinking tea slowly, and his eyes were somewhat complacent. If she marries into the Fang family, pallet rack shelving ,heavy duty metal racking, there will be countless splendor and wealth waiting for her, which is no worse than Hou Fu. Moreover, the legitimate son of the Fang family is not only talented, but also handsome and extraordinary in appearance. He is the lover that thousands of ladies dream of. Yu Xiang, on the other hand, a cripple, a bastard, how long can he be proud? A great pleasure rose in her heart, and she became more and more eager to please Pei. How could the old lady not see what she was thinking? She was very angry with her behavior of fawning on her, but she could not say it clearly, so she had to urge the servant to prepare the meal quickly, and ordered someone to add some dishes to the grandson and Fang Zhichen in the front yard. After a round of drinking, Pei Shi was finally satisfied and resigned the old lady to go back to the Pinnacle Garden for a rest. The old lady asked someone to show her the way. She turned to Yu Siyu and said in a deep voice, "You're sixteen this year, and you should look at her.". You must know why Mrs. Pei came to you this time. I will not say much else, but I will tell you that it is not a business to catch up. Open your eyes and see clearly. Don't jump into the fire pit by yourself and bring trouble to my Yongle Hou Mansion. Yu Siyu's face showed a bit of humiliation, lowered his head, vaguely promised, "the lesson of the ancestors is that the granddaughter knows." "Then go down." The old lady looked at Yu Xiang and softened her complexion. "Xiang just came back from Zhenguo Temple to pray for blessings. She's tired. Let's go together.". ” Yuxiang Tiantian promised, but before she left the hospital, she saw Mammy, the steward in charge of buying cloth and jewelry, hurrying to find her. She replied, "Miss, the material for the spring shirt has arrived. The shopkeeper of Jinxiu Pavilion has just delivered it. Please go and check it." "Push me over." Yu Xiang waved his hand lazily. Spring is late, Huamu, just drank a few glasses of thin wine, nose and smell the strong fragrance of flowers, she wished she could put a soft couch in the sun and sleep on the spot. Yu Siyu, however, was very excited and listened to the words and followed silently. The shopkeeper had been waiting for a long time, and when he saw Yu Xiang hurriedly coming forward to salute, his attitude was very flattering. Yu Xiang did not dare to say a word more when he checked the cloth, because the master was a vicious man. Whether the material was good or not, and whether the color was right or not, he could know at a glance. If you say too much, she will be bored, and a pair of cat pupils full of Aura will glance over lightly, which will make you feel guilty and wish you could go into the cracks of the ground. In this way, the material supplied to Yongle Hou Fu is the top, dare not mix a little fake. Yu Xiang checked all the cloth and threw a pair of cards to the shopkeeper. He said carelessly, "Go to the bookkeeper to pay for the silver. If you have any new jewelry, send someone to show it to me. You can't lose the price.". Remember, if you want the most novel, I, Yu Xiang, don't have to wear something that others have worn. The shopkeeper picked up the cards and promised again and again. When she walked away happily, Yu Siyu spoke softly, "Xiang'er, you also know that I should look at others, just need a few clothes and a few sets of head and face replacement.". Can you support your sister for a while? My sister will never forget your benefits in the future. When she said this, she felt all kinds of humiliation and resentment, but for the sake of the future, she had to bear it. I don't know how much soup this bastard has poured into our ancestors and eldest brother, but even all the family property has been delivered. When the real Yu Xiang returns home in the future,asrs warehouse, I don't know how he will be disappointed and wronged. It's a pity that when he marries to Yangzhou, he can't see the good play of'pheasant falling into sycamore wood '. Think of here, Yu Siyu mouth slightly hook. kingmoreracking.com

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As long as you are in the coverage area of the rule split, you need to use your own rule ability to offset the other side's rule effect all the time. Under the circumstances at that time, it can be imagined that it would take a lot of energy for Zhou Tian to be free from the influence of the other party's rules. And in that case, the longer it lasts, the greater the consumption of Zhou Tian will inevitably be. For a while, the suppression of that position may have an impact on Zhou Tian only so that he could not bring his strength into play at that time. But as time goes by, when Zhou Tian fights with that rule separately for a long time,disc air diffuser, there is no problem of consumption when the other side has a world to rely on.