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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704 Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:00   Engineering   Sale   330 views
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"No." Ye Tao said with a faint smile, "The main thing for me to go to the imperial city is the master's arrangement. He intends to let me experience it." Hearing this, Wei Zhongxing's eyes suddenly brightened and he said, "I don't know who your teacher is. Can Master Ye tell me?" "My master is an idle cloud and wild crane. It's really inconvenient to mention his name to others. I'm sorry." Ye Tao said lightly. When Wei Zhongxing heard this, he said shyly, "Master Ye is really sorry." Immediately, he changed the subject with a smile and said, "Master Ye should not be three hundred years old, right?" To be honest, he was really curious about Ye Tao's age. The main factor was that the younger the alchemist was, the greater his future achievements would be. For example, a 100-year-old craftsman had more than twice the potential of a 200-year-old craftsman, and was more likely to break through the realm of a Taoist master. If Ye Tao was really less than 300 years old, Then he must be doing his best to make friends. Although he had asked his grandson to call the hotel at the beginning, he only asked for the name, mainly to find out some information from the Pharmacist Association and the Refining Association. As soon as Tian Baoer and Tian Beier heard this, they immediately chuckled and laughed. They immediately covered their mouths and blushed. Even Xie Dongchen's face was full of strange colors, as if he had heard a big joke. As for Ye Tao, he smiled and said, "It's less than three hundred years old, but it's going to be soon." Hearing this,gold heap leaching, Tian Baoer and Tian Beier could not help giggling, and although they were maids in name, Ye Tao also loved them, and did not give them any shackles in their hearts, so in some cases, they were not too demanding of themselves for some manners, because they knew very well in their hearts. Ye Tao still wants them to live only a little more freely. And that Xie Dongchen is also hey hey straight music, is less than three hundred years old,Portable gold trommel, but and three hundred years old is do not know where to go, but he knows there, Ye Tao's real life age, even if not to three hundred year old, but also less where to go, after all, Ye Tao not only has the previous life and this life of fifty years, but also has two experience space of one hundred and three years, plus, The time difference between the system space and the outside is almost three hundred years. At the same time. Wei Zhongxing and Wei Jie looked at Xie Dongchen three people's appearance is full of puzzlement, immediately, Wei Zhongxing looked at Xie Dongchen tangled and said, "Lao Xie, where did I say wrong?" "There is nothing wrong with it." Xie Dongchen could not help laughing. Then what are you laughing at? Wei Zhongxing smiled bitterly. Xie Dongchen once again looked at Ye Tao and saw that the latter was just smiling. He knew that the latter was not trying to keep his age secret. Immediately, coltan ore processing ,small gold wash plant, Xie Dongchen said, "I just heard you say that Master Ye's age is a bit ridiculous." "What is ridiculous?" Wei Zhongxing said hurriedly. Xie Dongchen smiled and asked, "How old do you think Master Ye's real age should be?" Wei Zhongxing was slightly stupefied, then he thought a little and said, "Just now I heard Master Ye say that since he is not three hundred years old, then I think he should be two hundred and five or six years old." Xie Dongchen smiled and held out two fingers and said, "22." "Yes." Wei Zhongxing was suddenly stupefied. He immediately looked at Ye Tao and exclaimed, "Master Ye is really talented. He is only 220 years old. He has made such a great achievement on the wwqqsuu bookcom website." When Ye Tao heard this, he just smiled, and Xie Dongchen gave him a white look and said, "When did I tell you that Master Ye was 200 years old? I told you that he was 22 years old.". ” "Ah!" Wei Zhongxing was startled and immediately said with a wry smile, "I'm Lao Xie. Don't make fun of me. Although I know Master Ye is a genius, don't you think what you said can't be believed?" Xie Dongchen shook his head in silence, however, if this matter is put on him, I am afraid it is to kill him, he did not go back to believe, it is too outrageous, but he did not tangle down, anyway, things will come to light one day. Wei Zhongxing looked at him and thought he was right. After staring at him, he said to Ye Tao with an expectation, "Master Ye, I don't know if you have any leisure time to help my family refine something. You can rest assured that the price will absolutely satisfy you." Although in this city also has the existence of alchemy and medicine craftsmen, but the two are not only junior craftsmen, even if their family, want to go to refine a weapon or a pill, is also very difficult, after all, here alchemy and alchemy guild, a total of two craftsmen exist, and ask for weapons and pills. But he is the master of all the cities within a radius of hundreds of millions of miles. It can be said that the supply is in short supply, and almost every person who refines weapons or elixirs, even if he can get it, owes a great favor. Ye Tao pondered a little and said, "At most, I will help you refine ten Xuan-level inferior weapons. Any more will be impossible. I will leave here in five days." "Ten Xuan-level inferior weapons in five days?" When Wei Zhongxing heard this, his eyes were round. If his memory had not been wrong, those craftsmen who used to refine weapons did not need a day or two. When they arrived at Ye Tao, they actually refined ten pieces in a short period of five days. Looking at his expression, Xie Dongchen said with a smile, "I tell you, according to Master Ye's ability, you can build these ten weapons in three days at most. That kind of speed made me silly for a long time." Wei Zhongxing shook his head in disbelief and said, "Master Ye, do you think you need to live in my family? It's also quiet there." "No, let's stay here. When the time comes,Carbon in Pulp, you can prepare the materials and write down what kind of weapons you want, and then come and pick me up." Ye Tao said lightly. Master Ye, I won't bother you. I'll go back to the family to prepare right away. Wei Zhongxing said with a trace of respect. Mmm. Go ahead Ye Tao waved his hand lightly. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704