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Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 02:59   Security & Safety   Adwick le Street   295 views
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It was nearly eleven o'clock when we arrived at Kechia's house. Several of Angola's most important political elders have basically arrived, and they don't know what's planned for today, and they don't know that today will be an important contest between Kechia and Bert. They did not think so much, in their eyes, to be able to stabilize their position, enjoy their own splendor and wealth is enough. Although Angola's economy is very backward, the lives of these people are extremely luxurious and quite rich. When the people outside saw Burt's car coming from a distance, they hurriedly informed Kechia. Kechia, of course, did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly came out to greet him with a group of political veterans from Angola. Although I want to kill him today, I don't have to look at his face anymore, but now, I still have to do enough work on face. Since Ye Qian had already called Kechia in advance, there was no surprise when Kechia saw Ye Qian and Bert coming together. Seeing Bert, Kechia hurriedly greeted him with a slight smile and said, "I'm really happy that King Bert can come here. Thank you for your kindness." Then he looked around and asked, "Eh?"? So Prince Carmen didn't come? Didn't we agree to come together? With a faint smile, Bert said, "I was going to let him come over, but there are some things he needs to deal with temporarily, so I have to do this.". He also played, and a lot of things should be learned, even if it is a little experience for him. In the future, he will also be my successor, and he will need the support of General Kechia and all of you. "Sure, sure." Kechia said hurriedly, "Prince Carmen is still young, but he has gradually shown his talent, and we must do our best to help them.". King, the banquet is ready and waiting for you. Please come inside! Although some things are not the same as they expected,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Carmen did not come with them, there is no way to catch them all and eradicate them, but now, they have to bite the bullet. Besides, Carmen is just a callow boy, even if he escaped today, there is no big wave to come out, he has plenty of ways to deal with him in the future. Bert nodded slightly and stepped inside. Kechia followed closely, quietly looked at Ye Qian, the latter slightly nodded, Kechia smiled faintly, the heart at ease down. Carmen did not appear, he was more or less worried about whether Bert knew something, so he arranged for Carmen not to come, to do something to prepare. Seeing Ye Qian's expression, his heart was relieved. However, industrial racking systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, even if not put down there is no way, if Bert really know this matter, it is also said by Ye Qian, he will not tell himself the truth now. However, think carefully, Ye Qian should not do such a thing, after all, the wolf tooth people are now in their own hands, in case Ye Qian has any bad behavior, he will be sorry. The banquet was held in the garden of Kechia Manor, a Western-style flowing banquet. In addition to the presence of men, those political leaders have also brought their own women, but not their married couples, are lovers. In any country, in fact, many men will want to change their taste after they have power. It is not rare to have two or three lovers. Of course, that's not all. Ye Qian's eyes glanced around, did not find the figure of Xie Fei and Luo Ming, it seems that Kechia is not ready to let them out at the last moment. Kechia turned to Bert and said, "King, shall we sit down over there?"? In fact, the purpose of this banquet is to apologize to the king. Over the years, I have offended you a lot, and I hope you don't take it amiss and don't have the same experience as me. With a faint smile, Burt said, "General Kechia said so seriously. We have worked together for so many years. I don't know your character.". In fact, you are hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, otherwise you would not have held this banquet today. Let bygones be bygones. We will cooperate more in the future. Angola still needs us. Yes, yes, yes, the king said yes. Sometimes I just have a smelly mouth. In fact, I don't have any bad intentions. Kechia said, "I believe that under the leadership of the king, our Angola will grow stronger and stronger, and I will do my part to assist the king.". What's more, we still have Mr. Ye's wolf teeth. With them, I believe no pirates dare to attack us. With a slight smile, Bert went to one of the seats and sat down, waving his four bodyguards away. Then he smiled shyly and said, "These people, I told you that nothing would happen to General Kechia, but they had to follow.". Well, it's really a headache for me. I'm followed everywhere. I'm not free at all now. I'm almost no different from those prisoners. With a smile, Kechia said, "They are also for the sake of the king's safety. The king bears the future of Angola. There must be no accident. It is always good to prevent trouble before it happens." After a pause, Kechia went on to say, "Actually, I have traveled all over the country in the past few years, and I have learned about the political situation in other countries.". But I don't think any country's situation is suitable for us in Angola. However, I am very interested in the militarism of the island country at the beginning. Think about it,shuttle rack system, a small country like an island country can sweep the world, almost conquer Asia, and even almost defeat M country in the Pacific Ocean. kingmoreracking.com

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