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The advantages of drawstring glasses pouch in the jewelry industry Full-time Job

Mar 24th, 2022 at 08:19   Training   Basildon   121 views
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The advantages of drawstring glasses pouch in the jewelry industry

Drawstring glasses pouches are mainly made of ultra fine fiber double-bristled fabrics during the production process. When used, the hand feels very soft and delicate. The bag body can be screen printed or embossed with LOGO. Easy to carry, in addition to being used to store products, can also play a role in cleaning the surface of the product.

Drawstring glasses bags will not have their scratching and fluffing, so that the mirror dust and stains can be quickly removed to some extent. Drawstring glasses bags are also very suitable for its application to high-grade pearls, precious stones, night pearls, and bracelets.

The advantage of using a Drawstring Bag in the jewelry industry is that the interior of the product is soft and delicate and does not grind jewelry. Microfiber manufacturing, velvet surface texture is very good, fine workmanship. Embroidered drawstrings in the mouth of the jewellery bag are freely retractable to protect the jewelry and prevent it from slipping out.

The surface of the Drawstring Bags is delicate and soft. The materials can be made of Quandi, T/C compound, low-carbon and environmental protection, water absorption and dust removal, and can be used for grinding and plain weave, double grinding, single grinding, and can provide inspection reports. Can provide transfer printing, screen printing, hot press and other printing methods, the LOGO printed on the glasses bag, more intuitive and environmentally friendly. According to the customer LOGO goods, vivid patterns, with a strong publicity and brand effect.

Drawstring eyeglasses bags are environmentally friendly, water-absorbing and dust-removing to a certain extent, and do not affect the containment and wiping effect. They are mainly used in resins, electronics, MP3, cameras, mobile phones, LSI, IC computers, office equipment, glasses, lenses, and CDs. , recording, video heads, jewelry, watches and other fields.

Reasons Why You Choose Hard Shell Zipper EVA Cases

EVA cases are one of the most popular travel options available on the market. These cases have a hard-plastic exterior, though they remain flexible and lightweight. Bonito Packaging produces these in either a hard or soft case. Let's examine what makes hard EVA zipper cases so prevalent. EVA cases are one of the most popular travel options available on the market. These cases have a hard-plastic exterior, though they remain flexible and lightweight. Bonito Packaging produces these in either a hard or soft case. Let's examine what makes hard EVA zipper cases so prevalent.

1. Protect Items

One of the most significant benefits of these cases is that they can protect your belongings from getting broken and crushed. Businesses can spend hundreds preparing materials for major presentations. So, you want to make sure that they all arrive safely. When faced with an impact, the hard shell absorbs the force leaving everything inside intact.

2. Perfect for Travel

Business people will know how important the right travel case is. Depending on the business, you might need to take multiple trips each year. You want a high-quality product that will last for a long time. Unlike other bags, molded EVA cases are durable and can withstand numerous trips each year. Also, hard EVA zipper cases are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for travelers.

3. There Are a Variety of Options Available

There are many different things that you want to protect when you travel. For example, you might want to make sure that your laptop is safe, protect essential tools, and keep your cosmetic items intact. Each of these items will require a different shape of case to provide adequate protection. Also, some cases contain foam inserts to offer better protection to your tools and devices. For this reason, there are various EVA bags & cases to choose from, so you can protect a range of items. Also, they come in a variety of stylish designs, so you can find one to fit your company's colors.

4. Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

When traveling, you will be exposed to a range of temperature extremes. It's common to fly from hot and humid environments to cold, dry climates. While you can acclimatize, your belongings might not be able to. For this reason, it's crucial that their cases can protect them from these temperature extremes. EVA cases are designed to do this using their thermal insulation technology.

5. EVA Cases Offer Protection from Spills

Technology is becoming increasingly important to businesses. However, something as simple as a spilled drink can destroy electronic devices if the water gets into the circuitry. Water damage might mean that your business will lose any data stored on the device. Besides, you'll have to replace the equipment, which can be quite expensive. Thankfully, purchasing a hard EVA zipper case can help protect your company's electronics from this. Because the moisture can't get through the plastic shell, these cases are waterproof. Purchasing an EVA case is very inexpensive, compared to the cost of replacing the device.

Take you into the world of handmade glasses case

The handmade glasses case is the most expensive one among Semi Hard eyeglass cases, hard eyeglass case, and plastic eyeglass case. It has also been used by various high-end brands as the packaging of its luxury series of glasses. So, as the professional glasses case manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, today ISUNNY will explain some relevant knowledge points to help more people know about it.

1. What is a handmade glasses case?

As the name implies, this type of spectacle case is all made by hand. Of course, with the advancement of technology, more and more production processes will be slowly replaced by mechanization, such as cutting, gluing and logo production.

2. The production process of the handmade eyeglass case

When the raw materials are bought back, we will cut them according to the size and graphics of the glasses case, and then transfer to the glue spraying process; after the glue dries, we start to paste the fabric part and then wrap the edge of the glasses case (also called Hem). The next step is to produce the logo according to the customer's requirements. After the logo details are processed, we will fix the lining. After the above steps are completed, we are going to undergo plastic surgery to perfect the shape of the glasses case. The last step is to carry out quality inspection and packing (of course we are not only in the last step of quality inspection, but we also start from the first step of raw materials in, and carry out the inspection, and accompanied each step of the entire production process)

3.Classification of the handmade eyeglasses case

A. General handmade glasses cases are divided into regular and special-shaped handmade glasses cases. The regular hand-made glasses case refers to the triangular and square or rectangular glasses case, and the irregular shape refers to the round or arc or stepped glasses case. Regular hand-made spectacle cases are relatively cheap due to the large part of the machinery involved in the production. On the contrary, all or most of the special-shaped spectacle cases are completed by hand, so the price will be more expensive.

B. Handmade glasses cases are also divided into foldable and non-foldable glasses cases. Normally, foldable glasses cases refer to triangular and square or rectangular glasses cases. The advantage of the folding glasses case is that it is convenient for users to carry around because when you take out the glasses from the glasses case, you can easily fold the glasses case into the bag, even in the pocket of clothes or pants It doesn't take up volume either, is it perfect?

C. According to the size of the eyewear case, we can divide the handmade eyeglass case into sunglasses case, optical glasses case and reading glasses case.

Because of time constraints, we will close here today. Next post we will tell you which fabrics can be used for handmade glasses cases, what materials can be used for the support part of handmade glasses cases, what logo process can be done for handmade glasses cases, and whether you can customize your own size and shape.

If you have any other questions about the above points, please leave a message in the comment area below, and we will give you a detailed response as soon as possible.

Barrel Hinge

The hinge is the only moving part on an eyewear frame. The hinge helps keep the frame tight, takes the brunt of many impacts and allows the temples to fold in or out. Therefore, a high quality hinge will prolong the life of the frame.

A barrel hinge is one of the most popular hinges to feature on eyewear. A barrel hinge is the one with 'loops' and a screw through these loops. The 'loops' are the barrel. The amount of barrels usually depend on the thickness of the temples. The thicker the temple results in more barrels. This is to strengthen the hinge. Barrels typically come in intervals of either 3, 5 or 7. Some of the barrels are fixed to the temple and the others to the rear of the end pieces. The advantages of a hinge barrel are, added durability and a strong mechanism. The disadvantages are over time the hinge made become loose, rust and on some occasions the screw pop out of the mechanism.

The Pros and Cons of Reading Glasses

Have you been worrying if you'll soon need to buy a pair of reading glasses? Are these letters getting a little fuzzy? Don't be scared if you start realizing you can't read up close. Don't panic! This is something that a lot of people start realizing sometime in their life, whether they're young or old. If you see that you need to stretch your arm more and more to be able to focus on the words it might be a sign that you need reading glasses. But that is not always the case!

Help, I Can't Read Up Close!

The first thing we advise you to do is set up an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Have a full eye exam. Are you having headaches? Are you tired? There are a lot of circumstances that inhibit you from properly focusing on up close reading. You might not necessarily need reading glasses.

The Pros and Cons of Reading Glasses

Once you make an appointment with at your local optometry office they can give you an idea of what might be happening to your vision.

Often times headaches and nausea can result from wearing the wrong prescription of readers or may have optical centers far from your pupil centers.

This is why we recommend having an eye doctor specialist do an eye exam. These are a regular recommendation even if you don't experience regular problems with your eyesight.

Reading Glasses Don't Deteriorate Your Eyesight

Yes, you can become more dependent on using them, but if you notice your eyesight getting weaker over time it is not because of you wearing reading glasses. Your eyesight naturally fades and falters as you grow older. Many people develop presbyopia during their middle and old age years.

‘Readers' Help Improve Your Vision

Unfortunately we haven't invented glasses that fully correct eye problems, they only help eyesight. Take extra measures to protect your eye health because once damage is done, it becomes harder to repair it.

Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Reading glasses are cheaper, safer, and often times cleaner. They cost less and they don't have to be replaced as often. Glasses are used externally, so you don't have to risk poking your eye or causing a possible eye infection. They also require less maintenance overall.

Even though it could mean bad news that you need to wear reading glasses, think about all your new style options and the wrinkles you'll avoid by no longer squinting.


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The advantages of drawstring glasses pouch in the jewelry industry