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The beauty of the cold palace pet is dark and enchanting. Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:43   Marketing & Communication   Cannock   327 views
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We agreed with the people of the Kingdom of Yan that we would go together. It was here and now that I met her again. In fact, to this day, I have not told them, told Qingci, Xiaoqi, Lian, Gekong, and even Shifu, Yunying, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bins, I have gradually remembered a lot of things, as Anjin things began to remember one by one. But I can't remember the thing that I used to be Xie Weiying. Every time I force myself to think about it, I will have a splitting headache. There will only be a silver and purple man with evil eyes looking at me sadly in my dream. He is even crying. Every time I dream about it, my heart hurts. However, I can't see his face clearly. I can't remember that person. Who is he? I have been very confused, asked about other people, they all answered hesitantly, said they did not know, asked several times without results, I simply did not ask, then dreamed that I had become accustomed to it, let him let nature take its course, do not want to think much. Qingci once said that part of my memory was forced to forget in my mind after being hurt and stimulated. I can't remember anything that hurts and hurts me, but as Anjin, it's getting clearer and clearer. For four years, I haven't said anything, because since I've started a new life, I don't want to destroy the tranquility and the harmony and beauty of the moment. So I chose to continue to forget. As for the person I used to be Xie Weiying, I can't remember anything, just as I never believed that I used to be the emperor's concubine. That's ridiculous. How could I be an emperor's concubine? That's ridiculous. I never believed it. However, since I have forgotten it, I don't have to remember it again. There won't be many good memories in that kind of smoky place. Forget it. Seven years. Now I finally think of her, this enchanting and strong woman. We have been separated for seven years. I still remember the woman who cried for me on my back. I remember the surprise when I first saw her seductive dance. I remember what she did for me when she left. I remember her beautiful face. I recall the happiness every time I saw her. I recall the days when we drank and recited poems together. I remembered the promise she made to me when she left. I remembered that she said I love you. The once handsome young man has grown up and become the Lord of Jinguo, and the once beautiful and coquettish woman has become a mature and noble princess. I was dressed in coarse linen, made a transfiguration, all dressed up as women and children, with the same dirty Yijun, and a grey-robed lotus, which looked like an ordinary family, but my makeup was older, so I dressed up as a maid of lotus, but it was a little strange that I was holding a child in my hand. With a white pet in my arms-a little white sleeping in my arms. Here they come. Lian whispered in my ear. I stood in the corner and looked at her standing high on the carriage ready to come out, her noble bun was covered with exquisite gold and silver steps, exquisite makeup, still beautiful face, but with more dignity and noble temperament, a steady and restrained expression, a purple brocade moire deep clothes, a dark red light fur cloak, wearing a wrist inlaid with red gems, beautifully carved gold bracelets, noble. Elegant, graceful, beautiful. She is indeed the eldest princess of Yan and the real ruler. Murong Dan talked about the long princess, and even the emperor wanted to give her some points. I looked at her, is still rippling like water waves, such as peach blossom as flirtatious and seductive Danfeng eyes, is still the one that makes me so beautiful that I drool,collapsible pallet box, is still her. As if noticing my burning eyes, she looked at me with some sensitivity. Xiumei wrinkled slightly. I hurried away. She glanced at it lightly and then moved away. When she saw the lotus in a gray robe, she was slightly stunned. Lian saw her and walked over. binpallet.com

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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty