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The Delicate Mussel Spirit of the Scientific Research Big Brother Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:32   Marketing & Communication   Canary Wharf   328 views
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Jing Heng did not know what she was thinking and went on to say, "a black family like Zhu Zhu, who is over fourteen years old, does not meet the conditions for adoption and cannot find a family to adopt her.". She doesn't have a birth certificate or a paternity test. It's hard to get a registered permanent residence for her in a place like Dream City. If you have to do it,Nail machine manufacturer, you will be afraid of trouble if you go down through layers of relationships. Aunt You, of course, understood that Jing Heng wanted Zhuzhu to use her daughter's identity to get Zhuzhu out of the trouble of the black household without being noticed. Without an ID card, she is a person outside the social system, equivalent to a "dead man" who can't do a lot of things. But it was brought up so suddenly that her mind was confused at the moment and she had no idea. Jing Heng saw that she did not speak, so he had to fight for it again. "I believe your daughter is still alive, and she must have a new identity.". I also know that you are waiting for her to come back, so you will keep the household registration. It's really a little hard for you, but I can assure you that Zhuzhu is just using your daughter's unwanted household registration status, and will never replace your daughter's real position, and will not really trouble you as your daughter. If you have any other requirements, such as money, I will try to meet them. You aunt is embarrassed, Jing Heng put forward this request, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, she subconsciously thought is, if the identity to Zhuzhu, her daughter came back how to do? Although she knew rationally that her daughter might never come back, she had an obsession in her heart. She likes Zhuzhu very much and always takes care of Zhuzhu as her own daughter, but as a daughter is not a real daughter, which is essentially different. She said that to keep her from dropping out of school,Coil Nail Making Machine, and she didn't really want to break off the relationship. The child is really not obedient, and finally when the parents admit their bad luck to bear it, otherwise what else can they do? Xiao Yuqin is her only relative and her spiritual pillar all the time. She won't deny her because she dropped out of school. Aunt You propped up the bed with her elbows and sat up with more strength in her voice. "It's a light rain.". 3shardware.com

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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty