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The First Medicine Concubine Runs with Baby Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:04   Engineering   Salford   341 views
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Du Zixin heart, suddenly slightly a Rin, big room that old witch, ah, so many years dominating the power of the Du family, but there is no means to let go. Even though the second room is a little unwilling, but it is absolutely not dare to fight, can only be secretly move hands and feet. Now this nine song red moon falls in own hand, that but has become the hot potato, oneself was directly targeted by the big madam. But that is to say, to Du Zixin to spit out the fat around his mouth, there is always some unwilling. Ling Binghe and the white eldest brother looked at each other, thinking that this Du wood was black. Although the white eldest brother also did not how to put the Du family in the eye, but also a little interested to see, this Du Muxiang how to play the Du family slowly to death. Du Muxiang's eyes also flashed a ray of expectation: "I also know that the second uncle is for my good, in fact, I also know that in the Du family, the first lady does not like me.". I'm going to auction this Jiuqu Red Moon and get some money for my uncle to help me invest. Then Du Muxiang hung his head and said with a little embarrassment, "Uncle, you know, I don't know much about business." Ling Binghe gasped, this Du Muxiang,Carbon in Pulp, pretended to be too innocent. Now he began to pretend to be a big fat sheep to be slaughtered, and maybe some righteous fool would run over and stand up for him with righteous indignation. Ha ha, she Ling Binghe also has a day to be played. Ling Binghe has a murderous look in his eyes. Du Zixin listened and felt that since he could get the money from Du Muxiang to sell Jiuqu Hongyue, it was still good. That being the case, I'd better take a safe route and not confront the abnormal woman, the first lady, for the time being. At the thought of this, Du Zixin said lovingly,manganese beneficiation plant, "Muxiang, what are you talking about? You don't understand business, but I do.". With your uncle to help you, you don't have to worry about anything. Du Tianxiang also said in a lively and kind way: "Yes, brother Muxiang, we are a family, and you don't have to be so polite." Bai Laoda and Ling Binghe looked at the three people in front of them in silence, one was pure and ignorant, one was amiable, and the other was lively and kind. It was really a lucky "family". How to do? See a bit queasy. In that case, I'll trouble my uncle in the future. Du Muxiang hung his head and looked at his fingerstall inlaid with pearls and jade. This snow-white hand, set off the purple fingerstall, there is a strange indescribable magic, with Du Muxiang some indifferent eyes, forming a strange magic. Du Tianxiang suddenly looked stunned, his cheap cousin, sodium cyanide price ,coltan ore processing, sometimes some expression, or can not help but let people move, although this does not change the fact that Du Muxiang is disabled. At this time Du Zixin's eyes swept over, Du Tianxiang and his father's eyes, both of them showed a tacit smile in their eyes, looking very proud. Du Tianxiang Jiao Chen said, "Brother Muxiang, tomorrow, Tianxiang will dress up and come to the medicine appreciation meeting. When the time comes, I want to be with you, Brother Muxiang, and receive the medicinal materials you sent." Ling Binghe also has to admire Du Tianxiang's thick skin, is there such an initiative to ask for medicinal materials? After all, some of the herbs in this medicine appreciation conference are not cheap. It seems that Du Tianxiang is quite narcissistic. However, Ling Binghe misunderstood Du Tianxiang on this point, because this is the custom of the medicine appreciation conference. Du Muxiang smiled, as if embarrassed. Du Tianxiang was originally a test to see how much capital Du Muxiang still had in his hands and was ready to squeeze it. After all, there are many cheaters who like to show off in front of women. Even if Du Muxiang didn't like her very much, he didn't want to lose face when he misunderstood that he was interested in him. Now Du Tianxiang sees Du Muxiang like this, feels that Du Muxiang really has no money, in the heart some contempt and disdain. But this big childe, after going out, is really some strange, there are some good things on the body, do not know how he got it. Du Tianxiang tried several times, but he could not get his origin. When Du's father and daughter left, Ling Binghe came over with a smile and said in a strange tone, "Uncle, you know, I don't know much about business." Du Muxiang smiled and said, "Xiao He, don't tease me.". ” He lowered his voice and said softly, "It's not very convenient to talk here. Why don't we find a teahouse and talk to you slowly?" Ling Binghe thought about it, so he agreed to come down, and the two of them made an appointment. At present, Ling Binghe continues to wander in the hall to see if there are any suitable medicinal materials. By the way, good disciple, do you have anything you want? Master can buy it for you. Boss Bai nagged in Ling Binghe's ear. Yes "You don't want a purple magic core." "You know and ask me?" "It costs a lot of money." Boss Bai said that on purpose. Ling Binghe came over and whispered in the ear of the white boss: "Then you steal it for me. Anyway, you are so good at martial arts." "Well, don't be so shameless." "That's how shameless I am." Ling Binghe gave him a white look and then sighed softly: "You know, we are very poor, and we can't afford this purple magic core." Ling Binghe looks aggrieved and lost. She is poor. Boss Bai coughed. She has no money. Who has money? Not to mention that she robbed the Black Moon Legion, the money in the treasure house was piled on the top of the cave. A woman with two platinum cards must be the richest woman in the mainland, okay? It can be said that Ling Binghe can use these two platinum cards to consume one third of the assets of the dark building, which is known as the money bag of the mainland. But this woman doesn't seem to have this kind of consciousness. Because Ling Binghe didn't know the value of the two platinum cards at all. Hum, even if she has this kind of self-consciousness, she is reluctant to spend with her stinginess. In the past, I didn't think money was very important, but now I know the importance of money. Ling Binghe sighed with emotion. If she had known,tin beneficiation plant, she would have robbed the money in the money bank of the Black Moon Stronghold and put it in her own storage bracelet. Ling Binghe's own fiery red ring, dark want not to let the black Kirin send his money over. In the Black Moon Stronghold, the Black Kirin sneezed twice and rubbed his nose. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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