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The glory of Germany Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:17   Training   Fareham   330 views
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Despite paying a heavy price, Kleist's results were not very satisfactory. The 48th Panzer Corps on his left flank made little progress; the 2nd SS Panzer Corps on his right flank, though more successful, was more exposed on both sides: on the left, the Red Army had the 1st Tank Army; on the right, the 2nd and 5th Guards Tank Corps were constantly counterattacking. In this situation, Kleist originally pointed directly at Oboyan in the north, but gradually shifted to Prokhorovka in the northeast. When Kleist's left flank was defeated, the "Kempf" battle group on his right was still far away from him. On 6 June, Kempf continued the offensive in an attempt to expand the landing area on the North Donets River. In the morning, the German 19th and 7th Panzer Divisions launched the main attack. The Mihailovka landing field on the eastern bank of the North Donets River, which had been defended by the Germans for a long time, finally came into play: the 19th Panzer Division,smartboards for business, supported by the 168th Infantry Division on its left flank, began to expand the landing field. The Soviet 81st Guards Infantry Division, which was defending here, put up fierce resistance. Their pre-set minefields have made a big difference. When the German tanks tried to bypass the minefield, they fell into the swamp. According to the commander of the German 19th Panzer Division,digital touch screen board, the "mine obstacle" in front of him was unprecedented in terms of its depth and power. Book VI Chapter 371 Target Prokhorovka Updated: January 7, 2009 2:50:28 Words in this Chapter: 3478 Although Manstein's panzers were found with extremely heavy losses. However, the 19th Panzer Division, as the vanguard of the attack, still broke through the Red Army's defense line with the support of the "Tiger" attached to it. The Red Army's 81st Guards Infantry Division could only pull the training camp over to stop the Germans. The 19th Panzer Division also suffered heavy losses in the battle, with about 100 tanks damaged, including seven "Tigers" attached to the 503rd Battalion, and the loss of troops is said to reach 1000. On the right of the 19th Panzer Division, the German 7th Panzer Division attacked the line of the Soviet 78th Guards Infantry Division. The 78th Guards Infantry Division built a strong defensive line against the dense woods and deployed divisional artillery on the high ground on one side of the woods. The Germans suffered heavy casualties under the Red Army's shelling, so they had to use the "Tiger" tanks of the 3rd Company to attract the Soviet anti-tank fire, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart boards for conference rooms, then use medium tanks to bypass the defense line and rush into the Soviet anti-aircraft artillery positions, disintegrating the Red Army's defense line from the side and rear. The 7th Panzer Division continued to advance and approached the Red Army's second defensive zone.  Vatutin asked Stalin for more support through the base camp on behalf of Vasilevsky. His demands were met: the 10th Tank Corps of the 5th Guards Army of the Steppe Military District (185 tanks and self-propelled artillery) and the 2nd Tank Corps of the Southwest Front Army (168 tanks and self-propelled artillery) were transferred to Prokhorovka and Korocha to the south, respectively. The 5th Guards Tank Army of the Prairie Military District also began to move forward. But while getting reinforcements, Vatutin also received a phone call from Stalin,smart board touch screen, ordering him not to let the Germans break through. Vatutin knew that the time had come to decide the fate of Kursk and himself. On 7 June, fighting continued south of Kursk. In the morning, the German 4th Panzer Army returned with the 48th and 2nd SS Panzer Corps. Storm the position defended by the Soviet 6th Guards Army. hsdsmartboard.com

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