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The heart has the tiger to sniff the rose by green (main text + extra chapter) Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:55   Marketing & Communication   Cannock   279 views
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At this time, I felt that it was obviously not a hamster who was about to suffocate. When Wang Mo was so nervous that he didn't know where to put it, Jiang Chuan also patted him on the shoulder with a speechless face and threw out a rather irresponsible "In fact, I just asked".. Only then did Wang Mo calm down a little. At this time, the elevator finally reached the floor where they lived. They went out one after the other. At this time, Wang Mo, who was walking behind, seemed to have finally found his soul and carefully recalled the conversation in the elevator just now. Then he found that there seemed to be something wrong. He took three steps and two steps to catch up with Jiang Chuan, who was walking in front of him: What do you mean by'also 'just now? He felt that if one day he came out of the closet, it would be Jiang Chuan or Fang Yu who kicked him out of the closet with their big mouths in the back. Jiang Chuan's eyes were empty for a moment. Then he lowered his eyes and said to Wang Mo seriously, "No, my Chinese is not very good." “……” "Besides, how can he hide his rules from me?" Jiang Chuan raised his lips to show an inexplicable smile, "who sent up the truth of being pressed, he is not stupid." “……” Wang Mo stared at Jiang Chuan's very Chinese and Western mixed face for a while with a strange face,tube fitting manufacturer, and then decided that he would rather choose the statement "Jiang Chuan's Chinese is not good" than the terrible setting of "being pressed by a new person", patted Jiang Chuan on the arm, sighed with emotion, "You really dare to say anything" and then went back to his room.. Although accidentally directly by Jiang Chuan and Wang Mo two bastards to position as "the one who was pressed", at this time cautiously a heart but also followed the down-to-earth landing, honest squatting in the food bowl was Jiang Chuan all the way back to the hotel room,pipe fittings manufacturer, the latter put down the hamster cage, found a bench in front of the table to sit down, separated by acrylic transparent plastic plate. Staring at a hamster in a hamster cage. Stare for the whole afternoon. Jingran had a strong premonition that Jiang Chuan seemed to want to say something to it, such as saying something bad about yuan Jingran, but fortunately this guy finally held back, otherwise Jingran could not guarantee that he would not make the principled mistake of "throwing the food bowl directly in the face of the master" in anger. Jiang Chuan: "Ah Fei, do you think yuan Jingran is a strange person?" Conscientiously: "… …" Both Ah Fei and Jin Ran all agreed that you were strange again? Why don't we sit down and talk about who the redhead you're doing the video with is? Jiang Chuan: "If he wakes up..." Conscientiously: "… …" Hum, do you really want to know me? Jiang Chuan: "I should try to stay away from him." Conscientiously: "… …" Finally, he could not bear the boring and self-esteem-hurting conversation. He did not hesitate to turn around and prepare to go back to the cabin to sleep. Looking at the back of his hamster leaving in a natural and unrestrained way, the man turned to take a bath and went to bed to take a nap. When it was getting dark in the evening, stainless steel needle valve ,stainless steel tube fitting, Fang Yu knocked on Jiang Chuan's door and asked him to go downstairs to prepare for dinner-this day was probably the most leisurely and comfortable day for the actors before the whole play was finished, which was also the habit of many crew members to let all the staff eat and drink a good meal one night. It's like a pig that gets fed before it goes to the slaughterhouse, and then.. Pigs can be sent to be killed for meat. Renting venues costs money, temporary workers cost money, crew members have to eat, so hundreds of lunch boxes cost money-if the actors are not in good condition and can not complete the shooting work on time, renting venues will be postponed, temporary workers will continue to rent, lunch boxes will continue to buy, many problems are coming.. Sadly, in addition to Wang Mo and Xu Qianqian, this time the new actors are not generally many, Jiang Luocheng is a very demanding and tortoise hair guy,14 needle valve, drag play has absolutely become an established fact, so if you want to minimize the extra expenses, you can only save time from these miserable grass-roots staff. chinaroke.com

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