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The imperial concubine is a ruthless Buddhist tyrant, and you are free. Full-time Job

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 Right Ling Yimo seemed to think of something, showing an expression of seeking praise, and said to Yan, "I also heard that the reason why the father emperor changed was because the two imperial aunts married to other countries." Holding his cheek in one hand, Yan looked at it with interest and said,deep draw stamping, "Tell me about it." "Well!" Ling Yimo answered, "This is also more than 20 years ago, now Cang Erhuang came to Chenjing, want to marry a royal princess, establish good diplomatic relations!"! Although Cang Erguo is a small country, it has a strong army and can not be underestimated. After consulting with the ministers, the father decided to marry the Chang'an aunt of the right age. "Then who is your other aunt?" "Aunt Leping!"! She is the sister of the father emperor, and the relationship between Chang'an aunt and the father emperor is far away, not the same mother. But the relationship between the two imperial aunts is very good. The words were clear and she waited quietly for her to continue. Ling Yimo was silent for a moment and then said,metal stamping parts, "Later, Aunt Chang'an met a fierce bandit on her way to marry Cang'er. She jumped off a cliff to avoid humiliation in the hands of those people, and her body was gone!"! After the news came, Aunt Leping was very sad and fell ill, and the marriage between the two countries was put on hold for some time. Still later, Leping aunt offered to marry to Cang Erguo, seems to be in that period of time with Cang Erhuang contact, gave birth to love! Leping's aunt insisted, but after her father's persuasion failed, she had to do what she wanted. Today, Aunt Leping is the Yue imperial concubine of Cang'er Kingdom. Although she is not the queen, she is better than the queen. She has always been favored in the palace. Text 538 Miracles (Second Watch) Ling Yimo said, suddenly remembered the news she had just got recently, and shared it with Yan Yise, "Aunt Leping has brought her cousin to Chenjing not long ago. If it's fast, it will be here in seven or eight days." Yan Yise blinked, "as the saying goes, Stainless steel foundry ,CNC machining parts, nothing goes to the Three Treasures Palace. There must be some reason for her to come to Chenjing." Ling Yimo said, "Listen to my mother and concubine, Aunt Leping should want to marry her cousin to eleven, get the support of her father, and help her cousin sit on the throne of Cang'er." Yan Yise thought about Ling Yifan's young appearance, silent, "eleven princes are only eleven years old, two people can only be engaged first at present." "That's what the mother and concubine said." Alas! Who let the father of the adult prince, in addition to the crown prince brother all have the imperial concubine, Le Ping aunt know that let cousin do the crown princess hopeless, can only hit the idea to eleven body!I don't know his name and origin, but I know he has a pair of strange silver eyes!"! He has achieved an immortal feat, and thousands of miles of mountains and rivers are already in his pocket, and on the day he ascended the throne as emperor, I do not know what happened-he finally became an immortal! All of a sudden, the world was leaderless, and the unified mountains and rivers were split again. Hearing this, the corners of his eyes twitched. "Ascend to immortality?"? This is too ridiculous,DIN screw plug, it is an unofficial history! Do you know anything else? Ling Yimo shook his head. Yan Yise felt that this matter was a little interesting, thinking that he would have a chance to ask Elder yuan about many old things that had not been solved, and maybe he would know. Yan Yise stood up from the grass and turned back to Ling Yimo. "It's been too long since I came out. I want to go back. What about you?" autoparts-dx.com

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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty