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The love at first sight thing. Temporary Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 02:53   Security & Safety   Adwick le Street   233 views
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That cake shop has become another place where Lin Tong often goes. She can sit for a long time by ordering a glass of juice or two or three cups. This is the only place where she doesn't feel constrained. Welcome "You can try the egg tarts in this restaurant. They are very delicious." "Then I'll have the cheesecake." "No problem, as long as you're not afraid of being fat." The voice of the two men made Lin Tong think that she had hallucinated. It was a voice she had not heard for two years. Looking at the source of the voice, Lin Tong's heart was broken. The man seemed to be crying. "What?" Cynthia pointed to the position against the glass. "It feels like watching us." Shen Yan just picked the cake, and did not look around, when she turned her head, she saw the last person she wanted to see and the most afraid to see. Chapter 40 "You know each other?" Cynthia was somewhat alert, because the woman's intuition told her that the crying woman in front of her should have had a close relationship with Shen Yan. Shen Yan clenched his fist and made a difficult swallowing movement. The shaking throat made her a little confused. Faced with his wife's doubts, Shen Yan thought of the past and the wedding that made her embarrassed and heartbroken. Almost without hesitation, Shen Yan took someone else's hand, but his eyes were looking at Lin Tong. "We are friends," he said word by word. The word "friend" is used between lovers, even between people who once loved each other, and it is a very sharp sword, which runs through Lin Tong's heart. Hello Cynthia walked over almost at the same time as Shen Yan spoke. She had never been like this before. Although the American girl was warm and open, she would never be so impolite. This was the first time she crossed Shen Yan's introduction and took the initiative. She held out her hand and smiled at Lin Tong. Lin Tong has fantasized about the scene of two people meeting thousands of times, but it will never be like today, when she whispers intimately with other girls. Looking up at the girl who smiled at herself,rapid sand filters, she was sunny, healthy and lively, and more importantly, she was young, but the smile was so dazzling in Lin Tong's eyes. She was swaggering with herself. What was she showing off? Show off that she is younger and more beautiful than herself, or show off that she has Shen Yan. At this time,Rotating sludge scraper, Lin Tong had to admit that she was afraid, this fear is from the heart, she did not even dare to look up at Shen Yan's eyes, she was afraid to find indifference in Shen Yan's eyes, now how she hopes Shen Yan can come to her side, gently tell her that she has nothing to do with this girl. Hello, you. Lin Tong spoke very slowly and his voice trembled a little. You and Yan are friends, and that's my friend. Cynthia didn't ask any more questions, but repeatedly stressed their relationship as friends. Lin Tong did not know how to answer her, lowered his head and raised his head, eyes full of flashing, she wanted to go but reluctant to go, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,wall penstocks, she was afraid that such a walk would be parting. Shen Yan looked at Lin Tong that panicked appearance, the heart produced a trace of pleasure, now Lin Tong also felt the pain? Just like myself at the beginning. You also like to eat the dessert of this house. Shen Yan stepped forward and stood beside Cynthia, looking down at Lin Tong with deep eyes. This was Shen Yan's first greeting to Lin Tong in the past two years, and he couldn't help laughing for a while. Lin Tong raised her head slowly, a face she would never forget. Well, you like it, too? Shen Yan took a deep breath, she did not answer again, the feeling of depression once again spread all over the body. Cynthia, let's go. I'm a little hungry. "Now?" Cynthia looked at Shen Yan a little puzzled and pointed to the dessert in her hand. "But we haven't checked out yet." "I'm going to get married now." Then Shen Yan took the plate to the counter, during which she did not look at Lin Tong again. Shen Yan was running away, and she left the problem to the two women who stayed where they were. How did you meet Yan? Cynthia's Chinese is very awkward, and the tone is chaotic. I, I went to school with her. The tears on Lin Tong's face had already dried, but in the face of the girl in front of her, her confidence collapsed. "Oh, you should be very good friends, right?" Cynthia nodded and said, "Did you know that you had a lover?"? Do you know her? Lin Tong did not know whether she was intentional or really did not know, subconsciously looked at Shen Yan, but left her only the back. I don't know, I don't know her. Lin Tong is a little excited, even did not finish the words, left in a hurry, if this is Shen Yan arranged revenge, then she did, now Lin Tong is like a madman running in the street, while running, while tears. Shen Yan did not feel better for a moment. Her eyes were empty when she checked out. She took out the money and handed over the card. She forgot to take something after checking out. Fortunately, the girl stopped her. She's gone. Cynthia pouted and put her hands on her hips. Uh Shen Yan's eyes were looking at the ground, but his hands were a meal. Aren't you curious why she left? Cynthia turned to the evasive man and raised an eyebrow. "I made her go away." This answer Shen Yan absolutely believes that Cynthia's irritating means she has seen, and just now she left her here, is also selfish, but why the heart is still very uncomfortable. I asked her if she knew your former lover, and then she ran away. Cynthia bit her lip. "I can be humble with everything, but you can't. Shen Yan, I want you to remember that we are married." Shen Yan nodded in silence. It seemed to Cynthia that her promise was not serious. What's wrong Shen Yan has not yet reacted to come over,lamella tube, the mouth is a soft, subconsciously hide back, but also turned to look at the people in the shop. It's just a kiss. It's normal for lovers. Shen Yan has some helplessness. Cynthia likes to make surprise attacks when she is in the United States. "But this is China." khnwatertreatment.com

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T's normal for lovers. Shen Yan has some helplessness. Cynthia likes to make surprise attacks when she is in the United States. "But this is China."