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The Phantom of the Other World Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:01   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   262 views
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Yi Feng can not deny the smile, the five elders that hand gambling, even the old man are very scruple, can think of his terror. This kind of golden needle only grinds three by itself, which is naturally extremely precious. Dieyun also felt that Yi Feng was good to himself. Not everyone was willing to give up such a treasure, not to mention that it was refined by such a sensitive profession as Poison Master. I don't get it. The power behind you is so big. Why can't I even find some medicinal materials? Dieyun looked at Yi Feng with a smile. Cough, don't say, say a tear, ah, those old guys, dislike me too handsome, say I hit them, throw me down the mountain. Yi Feng shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said. Go Dieyun, of course, doesn't believe Yi Feng's lies. I was about to say something. But I heard a clear sound of the piano outside coming to my ears. She was slightly stupefied, then suddenly reflected and said, "Oh, my God.". Today is the day when Yu Fei and I agreed to play the piano. Yi Feng looked at Dieyun doubtfully and said, "Dou Qin?!"! What Dieyun looked at Yi Feng and her eyes suddenly brightened: "Yes, Yi Feng,Time Delay Tap, you go to compete with Yu for me.". Yi Feng, you must beat her. 150 Dou Qin and promotion Chapter one hundred and fifty Dou Qin and promotion "What?!" Yi Feng exclaimed, "The Yu Fei you're talking about is not the singing girl who is spreading all over the mainland, is she?" "Puff." Dieyun could not help but burst out laughing. "What are you talking about?" She scolded Yi Feng! You are so bold that you dare to describe Yu Fei as a singing girl. If you let the mainlanders know, a mouthful of spittle will be enough to drown you. Yi Feng curled his lips and said disdainfully, "Those who sing are those who sing. Are you still afraid that people can't say it?" Dieyun was very helpless to Yi Feng, so she had to persuade him: "Well,Self-closing Shower Valve, don't slander others any more.". I don't understand why you have such a big opinion of others. Yi Feng was stunned and could not tell her. In previous lives, I saw many stars with hidden rules, so I didn't have much affection for the pure female stars. Sister Butterfly! How can you play the piano with her? Do you have a grudge against her?! Yi Feng asked Dieyun strangely and said. Go! What nonsense! Concubine Yu and I made friends with the lute and admired each other's lute skills, so we made an appointment to play the lute today. But as you can see, I can't play the piano at all in my present state! Dieyun gave Yi Feng a white look. Yi Feng rolled his eyes and said, "Since I can't today, I'll take a rain check.". Ben doesn't have time to play with you. "No!" Dieyun said firmly, not allowing Yi Feng to refute, "First of all, I can't be weak in front of her, and if the woman in the palace finds out that I didn't fight with Concubine Yu.". I'm afraid I'll suspect that I'm seriously injured. "Then you can't drive a duck to the shelf!"! I know my own water quality. It's still first-class, but in the eyes of you super-first-class, master-level people, it's nothing! Yi Feng has some helplessness. Dieyun said with a smile, Time Delay Faucet ,Flushometer valve, "Your music can make up for a long distance. Besides, I will help you when the time comes. It is enough to force you to improve your piano skills."The two great masters are playing the piano. Come on, bring my little bench here. Well, go and buy more snacks. “……” A sentence of exclamations,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the sound of surprise continued to ring, and soon the streets of the two attics were full of people. But for the awe of the two men, no one dared to fly up to the roof. cnkexin.com

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