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The sky is changing Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:10   Marketing & Communication   Bath   443 views
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The simplicity of immortal magic practice is directly proportional to the pain it suffers, but its effect is also very obvious. Eleven death points run at the same time. Zhou Weiqing's practice is much faster now than before. Although the volume of the heavenly power in his body has become larger and larger, his practice is no slower than before. The biggest advantage is the degree of recovery of heavenly power. In terms of the durability of the skills used in combat, he is now no less than the teacher Muen, who has reached the fifth level of heavenly power. You can imagine how great the role of this immortal power is. Moreover, with the increase in the number of dead points, his immortal defense effect has also been enhanced. The cyclones released by the eleven acupoints are much closer to the body than those released by the previous five acupoints, and they are completely self-generated. As long as an attack falls on him, it will immediately play a protective role. Ordinary arrows can't shoot through this layer of Gang Qi defense contained in the skin at all. Fat Cat, I said, are you getting bigger and carrying your master on your back? While galloping in the forest, Zhou Weiqing grabbed the little white tiger ears lying comfortably in his arms. Purr The fat cat snorted twice, ignoring him, still with his eyes closed. "It's very enjoyable.". Zhou Weiqing couldn't help being angry. "You little thing, you can clearly grow bigger, and now there are no outsiders, why don't you hurry up and wait on your master and me?"? For more than two years, you eat my drink, but also let this uncle sleep with you every day,ultrasonic welding transducer, you still ignore me, believe it or not, I beat you. "Look at the rhubarb and the two yellows. They can be used as mounts. You're not as good as them." Hearing this, the fat cat opened his eyes and growled angrily, as if to say, "You actually compare me with those two stupid bears?"? Zhou Wei Kiyosaki it is also no way, since that time this guy saved himself and others,ultrasonic handheld welder, it has never become bigger, said it ate and drank itself, really some guilty, for more than two years, this little thing is really nothing to eat and drink, also did not grow up, has been maintained like this, but the hair is more and more crystal clear, and so on. Zhou Weiqing is now completely accustomed to having it around, and it is also a great pleasure to tease it from time to time. Seven without this, Feituo city. On the way, Zhou Weiqing had come to the city again. When he entered the Tiangong Camp, he wrote to Huyan Aobo and told the teacher about himself. Huyan Aobo thought he was planting him in the barracks. After entering Feituo City, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, Zhou Weiqing directly found the small courtyard where Huyan Aobo was, and before he could knock on the door, he heard a sudden burst of arrogant laughter coming from inside. Haha, hahahaha, I've been working on it for two years, and I've finally decided. Who says that only a master-level congealer can make additional inlaid holes? Didn't I do that? Wahaha, if Lao Tzu wasn't a dzi bead master, he would have become a master of congealing. "Old man Huyan, did you really succeed?" The other voice was also excited. Yes! After two years of hard work, I finally succeeded. This thing is much harder to make than a congealed scroll. Zhou Weiqing raised his hand and knocked on the door a few times, thinking to himself, what on earth did this Huyan teacher do? He was so excited. A congealed scroll made in two years? That's good stuff! Is it for me? Hey, hey. Didn't you see the sign at the door? Huyan Aobo's impatient voice came from inside. "Only then did Mu Weiqing see that there was a small sign hanging on the side of the gate of the courtyard, which read:" Decline to buy congealed scrolls. Teacher Huyan, it's me, Zhou Weiqing. In desperation, he had to cry out. Strange to say, as soon as he called, the inside became quiet in an instant, and about a few seconds later, the gate of the courtyard was brushed open, revealing the surprised faces of Huyan Aobo and Fengyu. Huyan Aobo looked at him and blinked his eyes. "Boy, can you pinch and count?" Today is the first watch. Today is the day of my birthday. Sui Meng Novel Net Full Text Handwriting Update Fastest. Su Suíèng. Ng om Chapter 35 of the second collective bead congealed shape is added to the scroll. Sui Meng Novel Net Full Text Handwriting Update Fastest. Su Suíèng. Ng om "Boy, can you pinch and count?" Huyan Aobo said such a sentence as soon as they met, which made Zhou Weiqing stupefied. Teacher Huyan, you are fat again. How can I pinch it? Looking at the still round Huyan Aobo in front of him, Zhou Weiqing asked curiously. I haven't seen you for two years. Feng Yu hasn't changed much. He's still the same. But Huyan Aobo is obviously a little older. His head is more white, and he has a big black eye. Feng Yu said beside him, "What he means is that it's really a coincidence that you came here. He just made an additional mosaic scroll, and you smelly boy came here.". What is it if you can't pinch? Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, "Is it a congealed scroll for me?"? Teacher Huyan, I have a second body bead for a long time, but I have been listening to you all the time. As soon as Huyan Aobo raised his hand, he pulled Chou Wei-ching closer to the small courtyard. Feng Yu closed the door behind him. "Come in with me first." Chou Wei-ching followed the two of them to Huyan Aobo's workshop, where they saw a mess of paper everywhere and some objects he didn't know. They should all be used to make congealed scrolls. Zhou Weiqing looked at Huyan Aobo's mysterious and somewhat proud fat face and said doubtfully, "Teacher, you are a congealing master. You don't have to be so nervous to make a congealing scroll." Huyan Aobo snorted, "What do you know?". What Lao Tzu made is not an ordinary congealed scroll. You see As he spoke, he raised his hand, and a very small piece of metal, about the size of a fingernail, appeared in his Honggan. At first glance,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the round piece of metal seemed to be nothing, but when Zhou Weiqing looked carefully, he could not help but gasp. fycgsonic.com

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