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The sky is changing Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:36   Independent & Freelance   Salford   450 views
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Thirteen people fly at the same time, heading in different directions. After flying nearly dry rice, they stopped on the sea. From Zhou Weiqing's position, they have become a black spot of Xiao. Dark magic dragon floating in the distance motionless, a layer of strange soul fluctuations scattered from its body, worthy of the God level strong, almost in a flash, this powerful spirit rose fluctuations have all enveloped these Xuantian palace strong. The light of a black s sè lit up in the distance almost at the same time. Although Zhou Weiqing's eyesight was amazing, the distance was a little too far. Under the influence of the black sè light, he could not see clearly what these strong men in the Xuantian Palace were doing,interactive whiteboard for schools, but could only vaguely feel that the energy fluctuations they emitted were quite powerful. Senior, what are they doing? Zhou Weiqing asked curiously. The dark dragon obviously had a good impression of him. "Naturally, he was ready to deal with the sea dragon.". The strength of the sea dragon is very strong, and here is the sea, if only those of us simply hit it head-on. Even if it can be defeated, it is bound to cause great losses. And it's impossible to stop it from escaping. What they're doing now is called the Dark Seal. It's an ancient array. It needs twelve strong people above the level of King of Diablo to complete it together. Once this array is constructed successfully. When the enemy enters the battle. Even if the gods want to escape, they must kill all the people who set up the array. In the Dark Seal Demon Array,interactive boards for classrooms, all the energy genera X xìng other than the Dark Genus X xìng will be strongly repelled, which can reduce the power of the Dread Demon Sea Dragon with the help of the sea as much as possible. Zhou Weiqing was suddenly enlightened and said, "It turns out that they were preparing for this formation during this period of time!"! It seems that a lot of materials need to be consumed to build this big array! The Dark Dragon nodded and said, "This big array can also enhance my strength.". In order to fear the magic sea dragon, the dark magic crystal brought by Xuantian Palace is almost half of the total stock. Before that time, they had to engrave the magic array on the dark magic crystal and connect it with their own blood. Only in this way can the power of the dark magic array be wielded to the greatest extent. When you fly a little farther, you must leave the range of the dark magic array. As long as it is outside the big array, it should not be affected. "Thank you for your advice." Zhou Weiqing said respectfully. The Dark Magic Dragon suddenly gave a low laugh and said to Zhou Weiqing, "Xiaozi, do you like the girl who wakes up from a dream?" "One, one.." One, one, one, interactive panel board ,interactive panels for education, one.. One, one, one, one.. One One One, one, one.. One, one, one, one.. Monthly ticket, monthly ticket, recommended ticket, recommended ticket. Knock me out. (To be continued) Suimengxun.com is the fastest to update the full text by hand.  You must ask Meng Xing's opinion. Let's wait until we finish dealing with the dreaded sea dragon this time. The dark dragon said discontentedly, "Xiaozi, are you with us?"? All right, we'll solve your problem after we finish dealing with the sea dragon. Wake up,smart board whiteboard, this girl is not old enough. Even for the future of Xuantian Palace, she should find a man. I have a crush on you. After you have six kinds of Italian beads, your children will surely have more amazing talents. Zhou Weiqing was speechless and wanted to say to the dark dragon that you thought too far. hsdsmartboard.com

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