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The sky is changing Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 01:07   Engineering   Salford   286 views
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This time, Zhou Weiqing was really cruel. Without affecting his body, he gave himself five days for each exercise. Generally speaking, if people only drink water without eating, their bodies can survive for about seven days. For dzi masters, this time can even be extended to more than fifteen days. However, if this is the case, it will hurt the vitality. Although Zhou Weiqing chose only five days, he had to repeat it many times. Five days of practice, two days of adjustment. This is Zhou Weiqing's way of practice for himself. Practice one skill at a time, after five days of practice, and then one day of replenishment and adjustment of the body, as well as the perception of the previous five days of practice skills. The seventh day is to deal with some affairs of the matchless camp. As for the matter of going to Tianbei City to contact him, he simply gave it to Shangguan Feier, who could fly. Shangguan Feier will bring back some items purchased by Lin Tianao and the congealed scrolls that have been made. Zhou Weiqing's hard practice began. He has four beads, six attributes and twenty-four skills. Among these twenty-four skills, in addition to a few that have been honed, there are still some skills that cannot be honed. For example, the Dragon Demon Ban, the Dragon Demon Deification,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and the Time Countercurrent are all things that do not need to be tempered at the end of the meeting. According to the time he arranged, a cycle of seven days, three months is just enough to hone all the skills. Zhou Weiqing this method of practice, at the beginning, Shangguan Feier also greatly appreciated, this three thousand tempering method everyone can, but no one is as good as Zhou Weiqing's effect. Because in the process of skill training,Theobromine Powder, the immortal magic skill is much faster than the ordinary dzi master in restoring the power of heaven, so it is much faster in using and linking up the number of skills, and it has a multiplier effect. And this time he exercised for five days, as long as he could bear the pain, the effect was absolutely extraordinary. However, after only two cycles, Shangguan Feier began to feel distressed. Two weeks later, Zhou Weiqing lost a lot of weight. Although he still looked energetic, he was very strong, and he lost at least five pounds, or even more. Shangguan Feier also tried to make him stop going on, but Zhou Weiqing, who had already begun to enter this state of hell training, did not stop half a minute. And Shangguan Feier also knew that after making up her mind to carry out this kind of practice, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Glucono Delta Lactone, once she stopped, I'm afraid it would be very difficult to have the courage to carry out the second time. For the sake of Zhou Weiqing's future, she can only continue to be distressed and patient. However, she also started her action. Isn't it seven days for Zhou Weiqing to exercise once? At the end of the fifth day, Shangguan Feier began to prepare food for him. She usually went out in advance, and no one knew where she had caught the heavenly beast and stewed it in broth for Zhou Weiqing, adding the powder of the heavenly nucleus and some medicinal materials she had brought out of the vast palace. Then use this broth to boil the porridge, and boil it to a pulp. When Zhou Weiqing left the customs, he immediately had fragrant porridge to drink to nourish his body. Zhou Weiqing also changed the water she drank during the retreat, adding her own Tianhe powder to the water to moisten Zhou Weiqing's body as much as possible to supplement his nutrition. As a result, the trend of Zhou Weiqing's rapid weight loss has slowed down, although it is still declining, but with Shangguan Feier's meticulous care, Zhou Weiqing's physical condition will be much better every time he comes out of seclusion. In this way, three months passed quickly. Zhou Weiqing's last retreat was finally over. A long roar sounded from Zhou Weiqing's tent. In the roar like a tiger roaring in the mountains and forests, all the horses in the matchless camp collapsed on the ground and trembled all over. Is teaching the soldiers of the matchless battalion in close combat on the face of Shangguan Feier Qiao suddenly revealed a trace of surprise, without hesitation toward the direction of Zhou Weiqing camp ran, today should be the last time, her porridge has long been ready. The soldiers of the matchless battalion who were practicing close combat all looked happy, but no one dared to make fun of Shangguan Feier. They all knew very well that whenever they met Zhou Weiqing, the chief instructor would be in a particularly good mood. Today, the last 25 people were left behind, and this beating was avoided. In three months, Shangguan Feier has established absolute authority in the matchless camp, even above Zhou Weiqing. The soldiers of the Ruffian Battalion were convinced of the strength of Shangguan Feier. They are willing to listen to Shangguan Feier, of course, not only because of her violence. More importantly, because of what she taught. Open novel exchange YY 399446. Only three months, now every soldier in the matchless battalion dares to clap his chest and say that his close combat strength has changed dramatically compared with before. Now the matchless battalion takes these people out, and any one of them can win a squadron leader in the battle field of each division. Seeing that their strength can be constantly improved in the hard training, even if it is a little hard, they also recognize it. Moreover, Shangguan Feier's teaching of their close combat methods is also of great benefit to the cultivation of Tianli. Many of the soldiers of the matchless battalion who are already members of the Tizhu Division have made progress in their cultivation of Tianli. The seven bow and arrow instructors of the Sky Bow Camp sometimes even ran over to learn from Shangguan Feier for a while. You can imagine how powerful the close combat taught by Shangguan Feier is. Regardless of shyness, Shangguan Feier quickly ran back to the camp area, from Zhou Weiqing's long whistle, Shangguan Feier heard that his heavenly power had improved again. You know, Zhou Weiqing's cultivation has been promoted to the seventeenth level in the last accident, that is, the fifth level of Tianshen Power. After reaching this level, if Tianli wants to continue to improve, the degree will be much slower than before. However, Zhou Weiqing, who has the power of immortality, is simply a pervert. In a short period of three months,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, he not only stabilized the fifth level of the power of God, but also broke through again and entered the sixth level. In this way, he is only two times away from Wuzhu Xiuwei. pioneer-biotech.com

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