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The Ugly Women of the Three Kingdoms Are Invincible Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:35   Security & Safety   Sale   315 views
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As soon as this remark was made, the deterrent force was very powerful. Zhuge Liang couldn't stand it anymore, so he tried his best to ask for a decree to transport the children across the east of the Yangtze River tomorrow and let them recognize their ancestors immediately. Ahearn nature didn't approve, bad heart to tell Zhuge Liang is currently holding the post of milk dad Wu pu great doctor, see Zhuge Liang on the spot will go on a rampage, ahearn and timely added a sentence, supervision of milk dad candidates is to protect her second brother is a father elder sister ZhuGeHui. Only in this way can Zhuge Liang's fragile nerves, which are on the verge of collapse, be controlled within the normal range. The consequence of punishing Zhou Yu was that the next day, before dawn, the shrew came to ask for punishment. The first volume is in the prime of life. Chapter 180 brings disgrace on oneself. Chapter 180 bring disgrace on oneself Ahearn and Zhuge Liang are newly married. The result of excessive physical exertion is naturally the inevitable stay in bed the next day. In a dim way, I heard the roar of the thunder lion from the front yard. The voice sounds familiar. Ahearn opened his eyes Zhuge Liang don't know when has left, he is busy, she can understand, but the heart is still some unhappy. She put on her clothes and got out of bed, ready to go, thinking about how to educate the noisy lion in the east of the river for a while. Soochow guest house waitresses have long been thick outside waiting for ahearn a greeting immediately filed in, grooming natural, efficiency can be comparable to professional stylist. Ahearn tidied up, leisurely stood up and asked the side of the basin was about to go out of the waitress, "what happened?"? Why is it so noisy outside? "The waitress lowered her head hurriedly, her expression evasive and hesitant." Say it? Ahearn eyes a stare,digital touch screen board, the voice is not high is showing a son awe-inspiring can't defy the majesty. The waitress shivered and said submissively, "Yes, the viceroy's wife has come, so it's a little more lively." "Oh?" Ahearn smiled, "since it is the viceroy's wife came, I should come out to meet, and you go down." The maid hurriedly ran like a rabbit, but ahearn also not hurriedly slowly to the front hall in the past. At this time in the front hall,smartboards for business, Xiao Qiao was angry. In front of her stood a row of waiters and waitresses, all of whom lowered their eyebrows and did not dare to take a breath. He was afraid that if he didn't answer that sentence well, he would get into trouble and move with his head. Where did Zhuge Liang go?! Tell me, tell me?! Joe was so angry that he kicked the knee of a maid in front of him, and the woman immediately knelt down with a snort. In fact, Joe is not don't know ahearn here at this time, also not don't know Zhou Yu that was tampered with the stomach is actually all from ahearn's handwriting, just, they Joe's home, after all, once owed people ahearn favor, his sister and others also robbed a man has also harmed others, these things may be big Joe in the end will not feel what she did wrong, But Xiao Qiao is an outsider after all, how to say that she really can not lie without conscience. So she killed the main spearhead of the guesthouse or pointed to the various ge is bright, 4k smart board ,smart board for conference room, subconsciously she still don't want to meet with ahearn. However, Zhuge Liang got up early in the morning and went to pay his respects to his father-in-law, Lao Taishan.  If you dare to act, hum, then I absolutely want you to look good!"! "You, how dare you slander the reputation of the viceroy?!"! You obstinate woman, somebody,65 inch smart board, press me down and wait on me! "Oh, slow!" Ahearn smiled and waved his hand and set the soldiers who rushed in at the entrance of the hall. She questioned Joe in front of the soldiers and said, "Madam keeps saying that I slandered the viceroy. I don't know if Madam has any evidence or witnesses?" hsdsmartboard.com

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