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The uncut jade startles China Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 00:53   Engineering   Sale   300 views
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"My subordinates have seen the young lady. What do you want her to do?" Songzi is the first time to enter Xia Yuhua's room, some secretly surprised in the heart, eyes swept a few eyes, how to look at it all feel that it is not like a girl's boudoir, but like a study. Of course, he had never entered the boudoir of such a lady before, but he had a sister, who had been married before, but the house was much different from that of the eldest lady. However, all this did not matter much to him, that is, all of a sudden strange, but then did not think much about it, after all, the eldest lady is very different from the daughter of others. Xia Yuhua didn't avoid Feng'er either. She explained directly to Songzi, "It's not convenient for me to go out now. You go to Wenxiang Teahouse to find their shopkeeper and ask him to tell his boss that I don't need to inspect the things I bought.". Go, go early and come back early. Be careful. "Yes!" The pine nut listens, then takes the order directly. Although he could not understand the meaning of the young lady's words at all, it was not necessary for him to know, just to do it. And Feng Er also felt that the young lady's words were somewhat strange, when did they buy something from there? Also mentioned the inspection of goods and so on, really a head of confusion. But the phoenix son also knew,Cantilever Storage rack, the young lady said so certainly has her reason, therefore also did not ask what, did own good own matter to go. These days, it seems that the summer family should be met again what the key time, otherwise the master will not deliberately let the lady and young master leave Beijing first, although the external agreement is to go back to her mother's home to visit relatives and recuperate, but the phoenix son is very clear, certainly not such a thing,heavy duty racking system, even Xiangxue was sent by the young lady to take care of the lady, so she stayed at home naturally have to pay more attention to some, Take good care of the little family and take good care of the little family. After Xia Yuhua brought the news to Moyang, he no longer had too many other actions. At this time, it is better to be careful and wait for the wind to blow! That evening, Mo Yang received a message from the pine nut, although Yuhua's words were quite implicit, but he naturally understood the meaning of the girl. As a result, people quickly stopped verifying the authenticity of the books. He did not know what had happened to make Yuhua make such a decision, but one thing he knew was that Yuhua was not suitable to show up more at this time, nor was it convenient to meet himself, so he would let the pine nuts take the message. Slightly thought about it, estimated that Yuhua had got some definite news, and it seemed that before long, there would be a big change in the capital. He seemed to smell an unusual breath, which had nothing to do with him, Drive in racking system ,long span shelving, but he was particularly concerned, because he knew in his heart that it might be related to the Xia family and Yuhua. Mo Yang's guess was not wrong at all. Ten days later, there was a big news in the capital. The famous Lu family was ransacked overnight. Lu Xiang was put into prison and beheaded at a later date. The rest of the Lu family were all sent to the frontier fortress as slaves. And soon, the land phase in the past has been dug out one by one, people have been talking about, such a heinous crime is really deserved. However, a series of charges such as taking bribes and perverting the law, forming a clique for personal gain, and oppressing the people were all secondary. Many people understood that the most important reason why the Lu family had completely collapsed was that the prime minister of the land had crowded a certain prince in private in an attempt to fight for the throne, and there was no trace of injustice. This is naturally the biggest bottom line of the emperor, the emperor does not remove this person as a warning, how can it be possible? Not only did the Lu family fall, but the prime minister was about to be beheaded, and even the prince who was crowded under the Lu family was abandoned by the emperor and put under house arrest, and there was no future from then on! After learning about these situations, Xia Yuhua finally breathed a sigh of relief, while Xia Dongqing did not send someone to bring Nguyen and Cheng Xiao back so quickly. After discussing with Xia Yuhua, both of them agreed that it would be better later. "Dad, the Lu family has finally collapsed this time. Why do you look a little sad?" Xia Yuhua is some do not quite understand, the Lu family fell, the Xia family naturally will not have so many troubles, there will be no one all day long thinking about giving them a stumbling block. And Dad is one step closer to getting everything back. Isn't that a good thing? When Xia Dongqing heard Xia Yuhua's words, he couldn't help sighing slightly and said, "Although the Lu family has only themselves to blame, and the Lu family does have a lot of bad conscience, it is inevitable that many innocent people have been implicated. Dad doesn't sympathize with those who deserve it. He just feels sorry for more people who have been implicated." Xia Dongqing was softhearted after all, and if he went to the battlefield, even if he killed more enemies, he would not be softhearted at all, and there would be no time to be soft-hearted, because it was a battlefield, and life and death were normal. But now the fall of the Lu family, but mixed with a lot of political struggle factors in it, should die, should be punished is to get, but the same, more people have to become victims. Since ancient times the law is like this, and this time the emperor did not kill all of the Lu family is obviously especially merciful, if not Zhao Zicheng intercede, even the Lu family up and down, regardless of men and women, old and young, regardless of the master and servant, that more than one hundred will also accompany the land phase on the execution ground. Xia Yuhua soon understood what her father was thinking. After a moment's silence, she sighed to herself, but looked up at her father and said, "Those people at least saved their lives. I don't know how many families that were harmed by the Lu family before were destroyed and died. It was extremely miserable. Those innocent people were more than that."? Since it is inevitable that someone will be implicated, then naturally choose the lesser of the two, remove the Lu family,Narrow aisle rack, so that more people no longer suffer from it, is also a kind of merit! 233 to see her? See you Xia Dongqing's words made Xia Yuhua fully understand why a man like his father who held a large number of troops was forced to the present situation by the emperor. Objectively speaking, everything else was just a catalyst. The real essential reason was that his father was too kind and too kind. omracking.com

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