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There is a ghost wife at home Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:30   Training   Gainsborough   302 views
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After a while, I dug up the coffin. Because it was a new coffin, I dug a round hole in the coffin with a saw. When I saw the coffin open, Huang yuan hurriedly handed over the flashlight. I shone the flashlight on it, and I couldn't help complaining. A little bad luck, unexpectedly is to move the grave. The so-called moving grave is a grave moved from other places. Although the grave is new, the bones inside are old. It is possible for decades, hundreds or even hundreds of years. There are many reasons. For example, real estate development needs to move the grave, and the descendants of the grave will move the grave. In short, there was a pair of bodies in the coffin, even the bones were rotten and loose, the flesh was muddy, and there was nothing left. Such a corpse can not be used, remember Qinglian said. The body can decay slightly, but the carrion is necessary, and this body is not what it looks like. It doesn't work. However, the inverted bucket is the same as stealing. You can't go empty. If you go empty, there will be an explanation. I pulled it with my hands for a while and saw a yellowing scroll inside, so I took it out and handed it to Huang yuan, and then went to find another grave. After more than an hour of struggle, three bodies were dug out of the grave, and when the grave was refilled, we came over with the bodies on our backs. Find a place to hide, a few people back to the door of Xuanyimen Fengshui Hall. Only then did he discover that Huang yuan had brought the painting back. Huang yuan this guy is really stupid,Micro Gear Motor, unexpectedly brought this back, when leaving the graveyard, casually found a place to throw it, the rules are like this. Those who steal are also like this, do not go empty, can not steal things, just take something out of the door and throw it away. As soon as I said this, Huang yuan blushed and said, "I'll take it out and throw it away." But Li Xiaofei snatched the scroll. "Don't throw it away,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, maybe it's an antique!"! Didn't you watch the treasure show? An ancient painting costs millions of yuan! As soon as he said this, everyone became interested and opened the painting. It didn't matter. It turned out to be a portrait of a girl of about twenty years old. She was dressed in blue clothes, with a red skirt faintly showing inside. She was beautiful, solemn and powerful, with a bit of heroism, like a girl who knew kung fu. It's beautiful! Li Xiaofei looked at the person in the painting, showing a look of admiration. Indeed, the girl in the picture is very beautiful. We looked for a long time, but also did not find the signature, painting this thing, no matter how good the painting, no matter how deep the artistic conception, if there is no signature, it is useless, did not find the signature, we have no interest. Huang yuan asked everyone with a wry smile what to do? Do you want to throw her away. Li Xiaofei said it was a pity to throw it away. It would be better to hang it here as an ornament. It makes sense for everyone to think about it and let Li Xiaofei hang up. In order to celebrate the success of the fight tonight, we bought some beer and drank and chatted there. I also drank a lot, small geared motors ,brushless gear motor, and I was a little drunk, so I didn't go back. It's not that I don't want to go back, but I'm worried that I can't grasp it after drinking. If I really give Zhong Wuyan something, it's not good. At night, Wei Qi left, and I slept in the same bed with Pangshao. Because of the wine, Qinglian let me go back first, think about the way to deal with the ghost king, Waner's things she slowly set out. [ $Miao] [pen $I] [-ge].com Back to Xuanyimen Fengshui Hall, as soon as he knocked at the door,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Li Xiaofei came down and opened the door. After opening the door, he pulled me into a corner. "Brother Dachuan, I had a strange dream." ichgearmotor.com

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Life and plunder