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There is Jiayu in the south Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 06:41   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   349 views
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When I was a child at home, Wang's mother was busy with her work and could not spare any time to take care of Wang Jingqian. Every morning when he got up, the family had set up the breakfast made by the nanny, the same milk porridge, and in the evening it was the same insulated lunch box from the canteen in the courtyard. At that time, Wang Jingqian and his father sat at both ends of the table, bitter hatred for each other. Wang Jinqian could not see the loss of his mother, and Comrade Tielangxin could not see the melancholy of his daughter-in-law. In the impression of the two men, it seems that Mother Wang has never cooked a meal with an apron. Occasionally, during the Spring Festival, the aunt at home cut the dishes and waited for her to turn the spoon. Later, when he went to the United States, he had no chance. Every day, besides countless coffee, he could not cut the steak and foie gras. Like Zhou Jiayu,ibc spill containment pallet, who can wash his hands and make soup for him in the early morning, it seems that she is really the first. Zhou Jiayu felt that it seemed too weird behind him and casually glanced back at him. What are you thinking? Wang Jinqian came to his senses and smiled quickly. I didn't think anything. Zhou Jiayu turned around in silence and chopped the kitchen knife in his hand loudly. Wang Jinqian knew that he could not be too insatiable, so he sat on the sofa and played with his mobile phone while waiting for the meal. The phone calls and messages on the mobile phone were all from the investment bank. He didn't want to see them, nor did he want to deal with them. He simply pretended not to see them and changed the screen to the game interface. He quickly operated the zombies on the screen and quietly looked at Zhou Jiayu. He licked the corners of his mouth and silently held back what he was about to blurt out. There is a ready-made bone soup at home, boiling water quickly cut a piece to boil, while boiling under the strong slender noodles,collapsible pallet bin, accompanied by a handful of green vegetables and yellow fried eggs, not greasy nor cold. The milky white thick and delicious soup is matched with the noodles with full bite, and Zhou Jiayu is a little hungry. Zhou Jiayu asked Wang Jinqian to get up for dinner, probably because he had waited a long time. He half leaned on the sofa and fell asleep. He answered vaguely for a long time before he slowly went to the table to eat. His mobile phone was thrown on the tea table. The table is not big, just enough to accommodate four people, two people sitting face to face, Wang Jinqian sparsely pumping noodles, eating is not polite. Zhou Jiayu didn't have the heart to ask him if it was delicious. He squinted for a while, and his face seemed much whiter than before. Um. Good workmanship. Zhou Jiayu poured him a cup of warm water and put it at hand and asked him. Where did you put your cold medicine? I'll get it for you. Wang Jinqian was eating noodles so much that he forgot what he had just lied about. What cold medicine? I had already eaten it after I bought it on the way. Zhou Jiayu felt as if he had calculated too many times tonight, and he was too lazy to haggle with him. She went to the inner bedroom, not knowing what to look for, plastic pallet containers ,secondary containment pallet, and tidied up for a while before she came out. The house was empty. Zhou Jiayu sat on the bed in a daze,collapsible pallet box, carefully recalling the scene before going to bed. I wanted to go to the house to see if he had a fever, but he was sweating all the time and didn't sleep very well. Zhou Jiayu was afraid that he would catch cold if he sweated and was covered, so he sat next to him on the floor playing with his mobile phone and intermittently took out a tissue from the tissue box on the bedside table to wipe him. Maybe it was quiet in the room. She was so sleepy in the middle of the night that she didn't know when to fall asleep. binpallet.com

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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty