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Tianshu Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:34   Marketing & Communication   Sandhurst   615 views
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Theo is still very face to the savior, not only to help Amon arrange the inn, but also let Aesop drive a carriage with Amon in the city to play for two days, to all kinds of lively places. Although Aesop was a slave, he was very knowledgeable and had a lot of stories to tell. It was interesting to have him as a guide. On the third day, Theo invited Amon to his shop in the headland city-state. He asked Humbert, the shopkeeper of the shop, to count the thirty sacred stones face to face. He put them on the counter and said, "My benefactor, this is the reward paid to you. Please don't be polite. You must accept it." Theo's expression and tone were as sincere as possible, but Amon could feel his body tightening a little, as if he was grasping something and trying to push back, and his heart felt clenched. Whoever takes out such a large sum of wealth will feel distressed. Amon didn't want to embarrass him, so why save a man and have a grudge? With a wave of his hand, he said calmly and firmly, "Theo, you should be glad that you are still alive, so you can continue to enjoy this, but don't forget that the bodyguards and the guys you hired are dead.". I only took ten of these sacred stones. Thank you for your reward. The rest of the money will be used as a pension for the families of the deceased. When Theo heard this, he was almost moved to tears. He stepped forward and grabbed Amon's arm and said,silk ficus tree, "Thank you, my benefactor. If you have time to pass by Mengfeisi, please come to my house as a guest. I will give you the best hospitality." Aesop was also very moved. He picked up ten sacred stones from the counter, knelt on the ground and handed them to Amon with both hands, saying, "This hero, I thank you for those unfortunate people and pray for your bravery, integrity,large palm trees for sale, generosity and kindness." Amon took the stone and put it in his pocket. Aesop was so excited that he forgot one thing. The law of the Egyptian Empire also stipulated that slaves could not touch the stone. If they violated it once, one finger would be cut off. He picked up ten stones at the same time. Without anyone realizing it, Humbert, the shopkeeper, suddenly shouted, "Master Theo, Aesop, the slave, has touched ten sacred stones, which is a serious violation of the imperial law.." Relying on his sharp tongue, he has said and done things beyond the rules many times, which is intolerable. No one expected that such a thing would suddenly happen in such a seemingly touching scene. Humbert's voice was so loud that all the men heard it, and Aesop's face turned pale, but he bit his lip and said nothing. Startled, silk ficus tree ,silk olive tree, Amon looked at the slave and suddenly remembered the scene when he had been questioned by the priest Xiao Gu in the town of Duke. Amon looked up and shouted, "Shut up and listen to Aesop finish the story." His voice had a strange majesty that rushed into his mind so that Humbert almost lost his footing, as if he had been suppressed and could no longer speak. And Aesop began to tell the story of Pythagoras. Pythagoras is a mysterious sage, he is a great nobleman,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, very rich, but led his brother to establish a group, the collective lived an ascetic life. He was also a very good doctor and was said to be a great magician. It was even said that he had seen the gods and knew the secrets of the gods. hacartificialtree.com

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