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Volume 08 Plunder in Shu Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:36   Independent & Freelance   Dartford   305 views
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With a startled look on his face, he pointed to the sand table and said, "There are nearly ten thousand people in the village. Although they are all attached to the rebels.." Not everyone can be killed. And This Wudu Mountain is connected with numerous mountains around it. It is difficult to control the fire. It will really burn up. If it spreads, countless lives will be plunged into misery. This is a serious matter. I'm afraid that even if the emperor is here today, he won't dare to make such a decision for the sake of Xiao Duzhangman. Only then did Zhu Rangjin and others know the reason, and for a moment they had nothing to say. Yang Ling frowned for a long time and had no plan in her heart. Had to sigh faintly, said: "We rest first, wait for us to understand the surrounding situation, and then continue to plan, there is no way out.". There's always a way. They silently arched their hands and left one by one. Li Sen saw that Yang Ling's eyebrows were desolate, and he was not interested in talking at this time. He also saluted and stepped down. Yang Ling sat down in the empty handsome tent and suddenly thought, "If Yun'er were here, would she have any good idea?" As soon as the idea came up, Yang Ling immediately laughed: "Is there any need to ask?"? That wench, in order to achieve the end by any means, if she is here, see their own people suffer heavy losses, would have a fire up. As for the future trouble. Yang Ling sighed: "How can there be future trouble?"? If today's commander in chief is Cheng Qiyun, then it will be found out in the end: the arsonist is the one who was burned to death. I don't know about these methods. It's just that a real man has something to do and something not to do, and he has to act with a good conscience. Yan Gaocai arrived half a day late and arrived at Dazhai at night because he arranged for the newly captured officials and the landless peasants to allocate land. At this time, the sky was overcast and the moon and stars were not seen. Several soldiers carried lanterns and torches to protect him into the barracks. Unexpectedly, as soon as Yan Gaocai entered the camp, he saw a dark shadow circling in the dark night. The two of them met and looked at the man. It was Li Sen who commanded him. Yan Gaocai hurried up to see him. Although he is still nominally a small county magistrate now, but the actual power has long been far less than the magistrate, appointed him to control the Xuzhou military and political law department of the governor of the various yamen,x70 line pipe, it is only a matter of time, Yang Ling's memorial has been sent to the capital, this kind of thing the emperor is not a reason. So Li Sen also very politely returned to chat, Yan Gaocai asked about the process of today's officials, thought about it, asked: "I don't know soldiers, your excellency said bluntly, is not to take the capital village, can only rush attack,uns s31803 sheet, can not slow attack, if you want to rush attack, barbarians occupy the land to hundred thousand troops, not our army manpower and weapons can contend with, can only rely on the power of the five elements." The power of heaven and earth? Leeson simply nodded and said with a wry smile, "Yes, if you want to make an urgent attack now, you have to ask Huode Xingjun for help. But there are tens of thousands of people living in the mountains. It's really a disaster to do so. If the fire spreads, it will be a great disaster. No one dares to take this idea." Yan Gaocai stared and said, "If this is not the case, the suppression of the rebellion will have to be the same as in the past. The army will drag on for three or four years, and the soldiers will be exhausted. Nothing will be done. The surrounding counties have just returned to their native land. As soon as the barbarians come out of the mountains, everything will return to its old state. In a few years, they will fight another big battle. This will be repeated and repeated." Li Sen spread out his hands and said, "What do you think, Lord Yan?" Yan Gaocai rolled up his sleeves and said, "I don't think so. I'm going to see your excellency." Then he asked Yang Ling where he lived and strode away. Yang Ling was closing his eyes in the tent to think about the thorny matter of the Dudu Stronghold. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "My Lord," said one of them, uns s32750 sheet ,uns s32760 plate, "Yan Gaocai wants to see you." "Oh?" Yang Ling opened his eyes.  They must clean up the vegetation.". The mountain fire is so powerful that it is not comparable to the stove fire,x52 line pipe, but if the open space of thirty feet is cleared, the officers and soldiers will guard it and put out the weak spark at any time, why worry about the spread of the fire? lksteelpipe.com

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Life and plunder