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Volume 10 The World in White Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 07:21   Engineering   Sale   312 views
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"I hope my son will be good and sleep soundly.". Yang Paner answered in a milky voice, beeping up his little mouth and kissing Pian on his cheek. Yang Ling's eyes were so hot that he said with a smile, "I hope you will be good. How about kissing your father?". Yang Paner glanced at him and proudly raised his chin. "Paner wants to catch butterflies," he said to his mother. Pan'er, that's Dad. Why don't you call him? Really not good, to catch butterflies, and so on to eat breakfast. “ After breakfast, Dad will accompany you to catch it! Yang Ling immediately volunteered and clapped his chest loudly. No! Mother accompany, aunt accompany! Holding back a smile, Ma Pian'er said to Yang Ling, "Don't worry. I haven't seen your father since I was so old. I just saw you yesterday. I want her to be close to you today."? Just take your time. Yang Ling sighed softly, nodded and said, "Well, I know. I'm sorry for you two. You've been taking care of the child all the time. As a father, I haven't done my duty at all.". After breakfast, the family went to the back garden. Ma's garden is small, exquisite and small, but because of the reasonable layout, small bridges and flowing water, pavilions and pavilions are uneven, especially with bamboo and green radish set off the pink wall,Kava Root Extract, the original small courtyard looks winding, elegant and extraordinary. In a small flower garden under the Red Pavilion, all kinds of flowers and plants were in full bloom. Ma Pian'er and Chu Ling, as well as a few pretty maidservants, accompanied the little girl to beat the butterflies, which made her laugh. Yang Ling stood aside with his hands on his back, looking at the happy appearance of Pian'er and his daughter. The warm feeling of a happy family filled his mind. Suddenly,Thyroid Powder Factory, a colorful butterfly landed on a bowl-sized camellia beside him. Yang Ling took two steps closer quietly. Suddenly, he grabbed the butterfly and held it in his hand. He was overjoyed and waved, "Hope, Hope!" Paner turned his head and stared at him. Yang Ling smiled happily and opened his hand a little, letting the butterfly flutter in the palm of his hand. Paner's eyes lit up and he ran over excitedly. Yang Ling was afraid that she would fall down, so he rushed forward to help her. Paner blushed and excitedly grabbed the butterfly in his hand. Yang Ling laughed and said, "Call Dad first, call Dad and give it to you.". Paner frowned and looked at the beautiful butterfly fluttering in Yang Ling's hand. Then he looked at Yang Ling and thought about it seriously. Finally, he thought it was a good deal. So he called out in a milky voice: "Dad.". Yang Ling was so happy that she quickly handed the butterfly to her like a treasure. She smiled from ear to ear and said, "Look, be good. Here, take it quickly. Don't let it run away.". Yang Paner took the butterfly with a smile and immediately threw him aside. He turned and ran to offer his treasure to his mother: "Mother, butterfly, beautiful, butterfly." Oh, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Theobromine Powder, what a beautiful little butterfly. Who caught it for you? Ma Pian looked at Yang Ling with a smile and asked deliberately. Uh "Daddy." Heh heh heh. Yang Ling was afraid that this sentence would fall on the ground, so he quickly agreed, and then giggled as if he had picked up a big bargain. Paner carefully caught the wings of the butterfly and was looking at it carefully. Suddenly, it ran away from her palm. At this time, she remembered Yang Ling, who had the ability to catch the butterfly for her. So she ran over in a hurry without calling, took his hand and said crisply, "Dad, catch the butterfly.". Yang Ling's heart was so beautiful that it was time for him to show off. Yang Ling pulled up his sleeves and said majestically, "Don't worry, baby. Dad will catch you. If you want a tiger, Dad will also get one for you.". Then a few butterflies caught to look son, finally the little guy completely bought, Yang Ling she is no longer so strange, father two words are no longer so difficult to export, Yang Ling did not expect to buy a child was so easy, straight happy to smile. The family was playing in the back garden when suddenly a maid in Tsing Yi hurried into the back garden. Chu Ling saw her with sharp eyes. The maid whispered a few words to her. Chu Ling hurried back and walked back. At this time, Yang Ling was sitting in the red pavilion. Paner was sweating and her face was like a red apple. Pian took her to the pavilion to rest. Several butterflies were placed on the stone table by the maid with a light sarong, fluttering inside the sarong, and there were tea cups and snacks on the stone table. Yang Ling and Ma Lianer sat on the stone bench chatting about their daily life, and Paner snuggled cleverly in front of his knees. While chatting, Yang Ling peeled the melon seeds and put them on his knees. He put one, Yang Paner's little hand quickly grabbed one, quickly stuffed it into his mouth, and then waited for his father to accidentally drop the second melon seed. Chu Ling walked up to Yang Ling and said in a low voice, "Sir, Jia Gu, the commander of the Military Forces Department of the Five Cities, wants to see you.". Yang Ling is stupefied, say: "Did he find here?" Then he laughed at himself and said, "Come on, sir, I have no job now, and I'm really not afraid of impeachment.". Speaking of this, Ma Lian-er curled his lips and snorted, "I think.." It's your grandfather who is so arrogant that he is not afraid of impeachment now. Yang Ling smiled and punned: "What's the matter?"? Haven't you finished your anger yet? "Of course I.." Suddenly I looked up and saw Yang Ling's narrow smile. Ma Pian son suddenly enlightened, pretty face like red cloth, she bitterly stared at Yang Ling, but in front of Chu Ling can not say anything, she had to be embarrassed to turn her head away. Yang Ling said to Chu Ling with a smile, "I'll have a good rest this morning. In the afternoon, I'll go to the command office to look around, and then I'll send a message back to the six senior officials. The others will disappear first. I'll wait for Xu Tai to sort out the battle situation, the battle report, and the merits and demerits." Sir, Lord Jia said it was important for official business. Yang Ling frowned and said,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, "The commander of the Department of Military Forces of the Five Cities is responsible for the security of the ground in the city of Kyoto. He came to Southern Zhili to suppress bandits. His official duties have nothing to do with me. Besides, he is in charge of the Ministry of War. If there is anything, let him go to the Ministry of War. Don't come to me for everything.". pioneer-biotech.com

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