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When the heroine travels to the male frequency text Temporary Job

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"When all is said and done, give me a good time." Tang Qi followed Jiang You out of the door until she walked out of Qin Lu's yard. She said, "Jiang You, I'm not wrong about you. If there are mortals in the world who can kill gods with their own hands, then this person must be you." She looked up at the sky, or light or thick clouds floating overhead, "the day is vast and boundless, like God, endless, we can not choose to live, can not choose to die, a long time will not let love and hate disappear, what happened, like maggots of the tarsus." She is the same as Qin Lu. Jiang You nodded, she did not look back, continue to walk forward, anything can not make her stop. Song Miaoyue looked back at Tang Qi, who squinted and smiled, just like the smile after their first fight. She thought that nothing would change. Seven days later, the Eastern Xia envoys sent a document, asking Princess Jiaoyang, the Lord of Wanli City,ultrasonic molten metal, to enter Chang'an as the chief regent to assist the little emperor in commanding the government. After 15 days, Jiang You with thirty thousand troops, went to Chang'an, Chang'an near one hundred thousand soldiers, but one hundred thousand rabble, how to compare with thousands of miles city battle-hardened, invincible good soldiers? In the process of confrontation with Xuannu Temple, the Eastern Xia royal family made the most confused decision,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, which completely ruined the luck of the Eastern Xia Dynasty. The author has something to say: within thirty thousand words, it will be over. Maybe the next one will be opened. After I finish writing "Infrastructure Maniac Online Farming", the column is now hanging, called "Jiang You". Ask the author to collect, heh heh _ (: _) _ Establish the country and establish China The mountain ghost was once abandoned in the mountains. She grew up with all kinds of animals and drank wolf's milk. Later, she was picked up by the Liang Temple and returned to the Xuannu Temple. She was taught by the Xuannu Temple and became a smiling "person". But in her bones, she is still a beast who does not understand human language and does not care about human life. But there is also a difference between beasts and beasts, just as there is a warm winter with her. Although the blood of the wolf is flowing in the warm winter, she is not a wild and untamed wolf, she is more like a dog, a mad dog who has lost his master. In the heart of the mountain ghost, the warm winter is a dog, and the breeze is also a dog. When she heard that she wanted to cooperate with two dogs, she refused. As soon as the warm winter has gone mad, and the breeze is not far from mad, ultrasonic cutting machine ,sonicator homogenizer, two rational madmen, even with divine blessing, how can they win the calm and cunning human race? Later, the mountain ghost thought that she might be one of them, if she did not go crazy, how could she turn against Jiang Tao and follow Xuannu Temple with all her heart, dreaming that Xuannu would win the Spring and Autumn Dream? In the winter of the fourth year when he turned against Jiang Tao, the mountain ghost met Jiang Tao again. The last time they met was in Chang'an a year ago, and this time they met in Wanli City. Mountain ghosts dressed in dragnet clothes, a pure white, as if for people to observe filial piety in general, all the spiritual power on the body are sealed, a magic can not be used, even more embarrassed than mortals. She was captured by Tang Qi and Song Miaoyue from the Xuannu Temple to Wanli City. Once the flower fairy since do not want to live, the fighting capacity is more and more intrepid, mountain ghost and Song Miaoyue can only play a draw, plus Tang Qi, she simply can not beat, do not want to die can only be captured. Do you regret it? Jiang Tao sat opposite the mountain ghost and asked coldly. She didn't want to hear the answer from the mountain ghost. She just didn't know what to say. They used to be like-minded and could chat all night until dawn. Now they are sitting opposite each other, but they are speechless. What is there to regret? When I chose to give you up, I knew that one day, I might be defeated. After becoming a prisoner, the attitude of the mountain ghost became more gentle, and she was even willing to talk to Jiang Tao about what she was thinking. What about you? Do you regret knowing me? "Regret." Jiang Tao nodded without hesitation. She not only regretted it, but also killed the mountain ghost. "You killed my mother and forced my brother to die. If I didn't know you, I wouldn't have experienced the pain of being betrayed by my friends. When I knew you, I didn't expect to have today, so I regretted it very much." If I had known it earlier, I would not have regretted it. There is no right or wrong choice in the world, only good or bad, knowing the choice is good, muddleheaded all the way full of confused and painful choice, is thoroughly bad. It's no use regretting. You know me anyway. Mountain ghosts sometimes speak very choking, because they are too realistic and too painful. For example, if Jiang Tao had a sword at hand, she would stick it in the heart of the mountain ghost. Look at the blood coming out of the heart. Is it red or black as ink? I don't want to talk to you. Do you know what day it is today? Jiang Tao took a deep breath and gave up the intention of communicating with the mountain ghost. In fact, there was nothing to say between her and the mountain ghost. It's no use talking too much. The mountain ghost shook her head. She had been locked up in this courtyard for some days. After careful calculation, it was about fifteen days. When she first came here, the mountain ghost would think about what she would say when the people from the Xuannu Temple came to pick her up to cover up the scandal of being captured. Now, she would only think about when she would die every day. To live one more day is to spend it in fear. After all, the mountain ghost knows best what he has done and how many crimes he has committed. You wore a red dress. I remember when you entered the New Year's banquet, you also wore a red dress with a phoenix embroidered on it. This is the beautiful dress of Wanli City. Today must be a very important day for Wanli City. If the mountain ghost wants to please a person, it is too easy, every word she says can make people listen as comfortable as bathing in the spring breeze. Jiang Tao smiled, "Today is the day when China was founded." Jiang Tao is not very clear why it was named Hua Guo. For her, the word does not have much meaning. She only knows that at the moment when Chang'an City was breached, she asked Jiang You what word the new country should take as its name. Jiang You said it should take the word "Hua". Mountain ghost fundus flashed a trace of dark awn, the original fifteen days, Xuannu Temple can not go on. When she was tied up by Tang Qi and Song Miaoyue to Wanli City,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Chang'an was in a precarious situation. Fifteen days later, the new country had been established, and everything in the old country no longer existed. fycgsonic.com

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When the heroine travels to the male frequency text