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Where can I hide my concubine in the golden house (end) Full-time Job

Nov 4th, 2022 at 06:48   Engineering   Salford   347 views
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"Forget it." Liu Che stubbornly shook his little head. You're the one who said forget it. Don't say I didn't help you in the future. Gillian has never understood Liu Che's mind, look at the way he made up his mind, only feel that his good intentions just thrown an empty, couldn't help pursing his mouth and said. Gillian crouched down again, half leaning her head on Liu Che's chest, squinting her eyes and shouting: "Che, I'm so tired." I fell asleep in a daze. Liu Che at this time is recalling the scene in his mother's bedroom just now, his third sister Lin worry princess Liu Shan was chosen to marry with the Huns and the princess, the news came, Liu Shan crying refused to receive the decree, but his mother took it. When she could hardly face the tearful Third Sister and went to her mother's place to plead for her, her mother was staring at a bag of tricks. After listening to her request, she sighed and said, "Cheer, this is your sister's life.". She was born to be the princess of marriage. "How could it be?". Mother, why don't you go and beg your father to find a maid of honor to marry a princess? Isn't that what it used to be? At that time Liu Che immediately said, although only 5 years old, but born smart and humble beauty born to the embarrassing position of the concubine let him mature early. That was before, and now it's different. Wang Jian touched Liu Che's head and said, "Now the Xiongnu are so powerful that it is impossible to confer a palace maid or a daughter of the imperial clan at will.". It has to be a real princess. "There are other princesses too!"! Isn't brother Rong the prince? Then let Mrs. Li's daughter go. Liu Che is in a hurry. "Che son," Wang Jian drink a way,Cantilever Storage rack, "the Huns, if the daughter of the chestnut lady when the Huns queen, we are not to be more bullied. "Mother!" Liu Che was Wang Jian a drink, immediately shut up. You are still small, "Wang Jian obviously noticed his gaffe, reached out and touched Liu Che's head and said," you just know, your sister is to go to the Huns for you. " "For me." Just now your aunt sent someone to say that Gillian had entered the palace. Wait a minute. Just play with her. I'll take your sister to the Changle Palace to see your grandmother first. Wang Jian stood up and said,heavy duty warehouse rack, "Don't make Gillian unhappy." Thought of here, Liu Che a long sigh, although I don't know what the mother plans, but want to come this time the imperial edict mother is going to take. If I let Gillian go to my grandmother to talk about it, it will spoil my mother's business. He looked at Gillian, who was sleeping sweetly on his body, frowned, poked her pink little face with his finger, and said in a strange voice, imitating his mother's tone, "Don't make Gillian unhappy." Then he pinched Gillian's face and said, "When will you be unhappy?"? Sleep every day, sleep every day, you are the little pig. You should be called Chen Tuan in the future. Quietly looking at the candlelight of Gillian's sleeping face, Industrial pallet rack ,pipe cantilever rack, Liu Che began to feel that she seemed to shine in general, lips also flash attractive red luster, that moment, he felt that Gillian was so beautiful, beautiful so that he could not turn his eyes. Before he knew it, he slowly approached Gillian's face. At the moment when his lips were about to touch Gillian's cheek, Gillian suddenly opened her eyes. Liu Che's heartbeat suddenly missed a beat. He immediately restored himself to his original state at the speed of light. Then he pretended to have nothing to do and said, "You're awake." A Jiao's eyeball drops to Liu Che's face, soon noticed the unusual blush on his face, asked: "How are you?"? So red in the face? "No, nothing." "Liar, what happened to your face?" "Gillian is a hand to start Liu Che's face to his side." Oh, you let go quickly, I said nothing. Although Liu Che tried to resist, it is a pity that young and weak once again yield to the oppression of evil forces, small face was forced to pull in front of Gillian again, two people eye to eye, nose to nose, looking at each other. Liu Che immediately "rub", from the neck to the ears all red. This can let a Jiao see the door, she said triumphantly: "I know, you just want to kiss me?" No, no! Don't talk nonsense. Liu Che blushed so red that he was bleeding quickly. Hum, you are a disciple. ” "I am not a disciple." "Don't quibble.". This is something I just learned. Song Yu wrote that Dengtuzi was lustful. You were stealing my sex just now. You didn't learn the book well. In the book, Song Yu said that the good-natured disciple was a woman. "So, what's the matter?" "I'm a man, not a woman. Of course I'm not a disciple." "A man is not a disciple?" 'Of Course. Men will not be lustful of your women, only your women will be lustful. The more Liu Che said, the more he felt justified, "you see my father, so many empresses in the palace which is not looking forward to my father's favor, which is my father chasing them?"? It's all because they love my father. "And Tang Yi Hou, there are so many concubines in his house, he just ordered one, which is not obedient in the past, because they are all good for your father's color." "But my mother is not like that." Gillian was Liu Che so said, some silly. "Dengtuzi lascivious" this article, she also saw yesterday, the teacher who taught her to explain this kind of article is vague, she also only got a smattering of knowledge, now see Liu Che seems to say more and more reasonable appearance, immediately confused. " That's because aunt is the eldest princess, and there is a difference between high and low. Do you think she will be very happy every time my father calls her into the palace? Because she is good is my father's color. Speaking of this, Liu Che basically did not know what he was talking about, he shut his mouth, carefully looking at Gillian, do not know if she was fooled by him in the past. I always feel that's not the case. Said Gillian. Sister Gillian,Drive in racking system, what is this? Interrupting Gillian's words, he pointed to a beautiful bead on her chest and asked in an attempt to divert Chen Jiao's attention. Ah! This ” Gillian grabbed a small bead hanging in front of her chest and said, "It's very beautiful!"! It's from the guy who gave me the candy. He said it was made of precious five-color stone. omracking.com

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