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White Moonlight dressed as a stand-in for the president Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:10   Training   Adwick le Street   2.3K views
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Ji Yunsi narrowed his eyes dangerously and suddenly turned around and pinched Song Xiao's chin. "You all speak for him, very good." He rubbed her lips with one hand and bowed his head to kiss her symbolically. "I'm disappointed." Song Xiao quickly grabbed Ji Yunsi's hand, looking at the black line on Jiang Muyang's face, and looking at Ji Yunsi's face of frost, "Jiang Muyang drew 600cc of blood for my father, I should thank him, if you hit people indiscriminately.." I'll just.. "Song Tianming's family, please come to the ward." The head nurse used a megaphone to inform them in the corridor. Song Xiao hurriedly ran to the ward, Ji Yunsi and Jiang Muyang also arrived at the ward. ——————————————— On the hospital bed, Song Tianming took Song Xiao's hand, looked at the two people behind her with muddy eyes, and shook his head. Song Tianming's complexion is very bad, he has transfused some calming medicine, temporarily does not feel the pain. Song Tianming asked in a low voice, "where is Xiaoyu?"? I want to meet Xiaoyu. "Xiaoyu should be at home. Wait a minute. I'll call and ask." Song Xiao also did not avoid people, directly in front of the hospital bed dialed the phone. After the phone rang for more than ten seconds, Lu Feiyu's clear voice came, "Hello, Sister Song Xiao ~" "Feiyu, are you at home?" Song Xiao asked, holding his cell phone. Yeah, I'm having dinner at home. What about you? Have you eaten? His voice does sound like he's chewing food. I haven't.. Xiaoyu, there is one thing, I do not know if you have time to come,hot tub manufacturers, my father in the hospital, the body is not very good, said now want to see you. Her voice is intermittent, can not say too sad, after all, Lu Feiyu may not have time to come. "What happened to uncle?" He seemed to have put down the bowls and chopsticks, Song Xiao heard a clear sound, and then came the voice of the key over there, "let uncle wait for me,massage bathtub manufacturers, or the original ward?"? I'll drive there right away. "Thank you." Her voice became shaky. "Drive slowly on the way …" It hasn't been a long time since you got the book. Don't be too hasty.. "No problem, hang up first. I'm on my way there." Lu Feiyu hung up the phone. Song Xiao also put down the phone and said to Song Tianming, "Xiaoyu is on his way. Close your eyes and rest for a while. Don't be too tired." Song Tianming shook his head and turned to look at Jiang Muyang, his pupils contracted violently, pointing to Jiang Muyang, "Xiao Xiao …" He is.. Namely Song Xiao pressed his hand and said calmly, "It's my classmate." Song Tianming still opened his eyes wide, "you." The UK He You're making a fuss.. Transfer to another school. I didn't expect.. Now "Yes, it's all over." Song Xiao soothed Song Tianming's excitement, "I won't do that kind of silly thing any more, and I don't like him, you can rest assured." Song Tianming was finally relieved to hear these words. But Jiang Muyang's face was always pale, probably by Song Xiao's merciless words, he sat directly on the opposite bed, and began to sulk. Song Tianming looked at Ji Yunsi again, this time Song Tianming seemed to be afraid of him, Whirlpool bathtub ,jacuzzi swim spa, with some awe in his eyes, turned to Song Xiao and said, "He is.." Who Again? I remember. Don't get up.. Song Tianming must have seen him, but he was too old to remember. Song Xiao had to say, "It's my partner, and you've seen it, but you forgot it." Ji Yunsi stood quietly at the head of the bed, his face always cold, and he did not even smile to anyone present. Song Xiao felt that Ji Yunsi had been on the verge of losing his temper today, but it was very good to endure Jiang Muyang until now. —————————————— A few minutes later, Lu Feiyu arrived at the hospital and opened the door of the ward. He was surprised that there were so many people in the ward and two men he didn't know very well. Lu Feiyu and Song Xiao said hello, then went to Song Tianming's bedside, sitting in a small chair and talking to each other. Song Tianming liked Lu Feiyu from the bottom of his heart. He raised his bony hands. Lu Feiyu took the initiative to lower his head. He touched Lu Feiyu's head. "Xiaoyu, you have grown up, I am old.." "Uncle Song, you are not old, a few years ago you bet with my father, 60 years old is still old and strong, but also agreed to go riding archery, you can, you are much better than my father …" My dad always breaks appointments. You never break appointments. Lu Feiyu said. When Song Xiao heard these words, his eyes began to turn red. I. Have to serve the old.. Song Tianming coughed violently for a while, and Lu Feiyu stood up to help him pat his chest and back. Song Tianming took Lu Feiyu's hand and said slowly, "Xiaoyu, after you." Cough, be nice to Xiaoxiao and help her more. When I'm gone.. She doesn't even have a family around her. There's no one to talk to.. Cough.. Lu Feiyu looked up at Song Xiao, who had already turned his back, as if he were wiping his tears. Lu Feiyu returned to hold his hand, "Uncle, you can rest assured, I have always regarded Xiaoxiao sister as a sister, she helped me a lot, I will spare no effort to help her." Jiang Muyang has been almost unable to listen, he stood up and walked to Song Tianming's eyes, "Uncle, you'd better save your strength, don't say too much.." Lu Feiyu immediately put Jiang Muyang back, "these words are said to me, you can not listen, but do not interfere with other people's freedom.". Persian cat, go quickly, you are blocking my uncle's light. As soon as Jiang Muyang left, the shadow on Song Tianming's face disappeared. ———————————— Song Tianming is now out of the air more into the air less, Lu Feiyu keenly aware of, immediately ring the bedside call bell. Doctors and nurses then arrived, but all waited aside, did not come forward, waiting for Song Xiao's instructions. Song Tianming seemed to know that his time was coming. He struggled to swing his arms from side to side and wanted to sit up. Lu Feiyu quickly pressed him down. "Uncle, if you have anything to say, just say it to me and my sister. We are all listening." Song Xiao also sat at the head of the bed, listening to what Song Tianming was going to say. Song Tianming opened his eyes wide, "Xiao …" There's your mother, at the window,best whirlpool tub, waving to me.. Song Xiao and Lu Feiyu looked at each other, knowing that Song Tianming was dying, which was the illusion and return of light before his death. monalisa.com

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How would her little woman react if she knew that her younger brother and sister were already formidable industry leaders? Uh!!! When Qian Mo has a bad feeling, his several younger brothers and sisters will not become non-human. Although she left a lot of things before she left, they were not very detached from this era. If you don't understand, don't think about it. Hello, sister-in-law! At the end of the training, Qian Mo could not tell what those people looked like. Anyway, they all crawled out of the mud nest. "Hello!" After saying hello to them, he called the little mud monkey to come over. Mom, I'm dirty. I'll go there after I take a shower.