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Wholesale Axial Fan Full-time Job

May 26th, 2023 at 06:07   Engineering   Basildon   121 views
Job Details

Wholesale Axial Fan Industrial axial fans are the key products of Wuxi Xique Fan Co., Ltd. It can effectively eliminate the smoke and dirty air generated in the production process, and is an effective means of renewing fresh air. Industrial axial fans feature high efficiency, heavy duty construction, versatility, low noise and compact size. All-steel structure and surface grille can avoid accidents caused by improper operation of industrial axial fans when running at high speed. Specification: ModelRotating speed r/minFlow (m鲁/h)Full pressure PaBlade anglePower KWModelRotating speed r/minFlow (m鲁/h)Full pressure PaBlade anglePower KW 2.829002560143250.180 5.6145010168162.6250.750 2495165300.350111101821301.1 1450113335.72500259606732713250.370 125141.2300.040735579830 3.15290034181892250370 6.3145014477205.8251.5 3753217.7300.55015817230.5301.5 1450170947.2250.040960958590.2250.370 1877549300.06010472101.0300.750 3.55290048952403250750 7.1145020722261.4253 5375279300.75022641292.7303 1450245260.2250.09096017320114.6250.75 2692697300.090149901284301.1 429006999305.12511 B145029644331.8255.5 7685354301.53238937163055 1450350576.2250.180960196261311251.1 384988.5300.18021444162.93015 4.514504991965250.250996027944184.1252.2 5480112300.37030532206.2303 514507273129.6250.55010960383332273254 7907145.6300.55041882254.53075 960479256.8250.37011.296053855285.1257.5 52356353058841319.33011Wholesale Axial Fan website:http://www.industrialfanchina.com/axial-fan/

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12v li-ion battery in stock