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Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 2nd, 2022 at 07:10   Marketing & Communication   Cambridge   279 views
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"Little Chop Suey, do you really think you have a little performance in the clan meeting, dare to be rampant in front of the old man and others?!" Four people breath surge, a powerful yuan Li fluctuations, like ripples in the general ripples in the whole body, and feel the strong breath of four people, even the heart of Lin Zhi is suddenly full of confidence, the only fear in the heart is also scattered to dissipate, today, he has decided to move to clean up the arrogant guy in front of him! "What do you dare to sell your old age in front of me?" Lin move sneer at, did not give the so-called elder the slightest bit of face, although the opposite line-ups luxury, but now he is also officially into the realm of creation, for this Lin Zhi, there is no fear at all. Boom! Lin Zhi four people, is obviously moved by the forest is not light, the moment is a shout of anger, four people together, fierce fist wind, carrying rolling yuan Li, mercilessly to move to the forest. Get out of here! However, in the face of the four people's joint efforts, Lin Dong's body shape is not the slightest evasion, stepping on the mysterious pace of a round of scorching sun, suddenly rising from its body chalk, a terrible force fluctuations, instant surge out,empty cosmetic tubes, and then its fist out, the air in front of it, was directly blown up by the explosion of rolling energy, and Lin Zhi four people's fist wind, heavy collision. Boom! Loud loud noise, fiercely resounded from the sky, a strong wind swept away, Lin moved his shoulders hard a shock, step out of the strange two steps, unexpectedly directly is the invasion of the body to the strong wind all unloaded,tube lip gloss, and on the contrary Lin Zhi four people, in addition to Lin Zhi slightly better, just a step back, the other three people, are pedaling back even ten steps, body chalk blood, It was even more shaken up. What a terrible power this boy has! In this fight, Lin Zhi's four faces all changed. Although they saw the battle between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian with their own eyes, when they fought with the latter in person, they could clearly feel how terrible the force was. Lin Dong, as elders, we have the right to control anything in the clan. If you dare to resist again, don't blame me for being ruthless! Lin Zhi shouted sullenly. Seeing that the old man was still pressing people with his elder identity, Lin moved his face to sneer even more, and his figure flashed, directly displaying the steps of Taiqing Youtian, and his figure immediately became ethereal and invisible. Old Shaomao, your elder identity, in my eyes, custom cosmetic packaging ,pump tube, is not worth a penny, so don't use this identity to make a fool of yourself! Lin Dong's body was ethereal, and a sarcastic cold laugh also came into Lin Zhi's ears, which immediately made his face turn purple. This time, however, Lin Dong did not give him too much time to be angry. His ethereal figure suddenly swept out, but he did not attack Lin Zhi directly. Instead, he avoided him. With a vigorous offensive, he bombarded the three elders who had created Xiaocheng! "Purple Shadow Nine Broken!" Nine shadows, like lightning, emerged in midair, and the figure of the back forest, like lightning, appeared in front of the three elders whose blood had not yet subsided in the body chalk. Their faces were cold, and the three palms roared out almost at the same time. Bang, bang, bang! Lin moved this offensive, as fast as running thunder, with the help of the mysterious steps of Taiqing, the three elders did not have much reaction at all, the attack was already on the body, and then the yuan Li that protected the body suddenly collapsed and went away, and the fierce wind poured down on the three bodies without reservation. Puff! In the face of such a ferocious offensive by Lin Dong, the faces of the three men were almost pale in an instant, and then a mouthful of blood spurted out, and their bodies shot out like cannonballs, creating three deep traces hundreds of meters long on the ground. Looking at the three elders who had failed to survive in almost one round, Lin Zhi's eyes shrank fiercely, and now he found that Lin's breath, compared with half a month ago, was several times stronger! "Well, well, little bastard, how dare you hurt the elders of the clan? Even the patriarch can't protect you this time!" However, although the heart was shocked by the improvement of Lin's strength, but this Lin Zhi is more of a rage, he has never imagined that there is really a younger generation who dares to attack the elders in the clan. You'd better think about how to protect yourself first. However, for his roar, Lin moved as if he had never heard of it. He slowly turned his head and looked at Lin Zhi. Then his palm turned over, and a black mountain peak appeared in his hand. Don't you want to know what Lingbao I took from the clan? Lin Dong smiled at Lin Zhi, and the black hill in his hand rose slowly, and then swelled rapidly in Lin Zhi's shocked eyes. Lin Zhi looked at the rapidly expanding black peaks, and a roar filled with disbelief suddenly resounded through the sky in the depths of the clan! "This is the" prison peak "that no one can start?! How is that possible? How could you push it?! Chapter 369 show no mercy. Lin Zhi looked at the black peaks that rose from the forest and swelled rapidly in midair, and his eyes were immediately filled with a strong sense of horror. As one of the caretakers of the clan collection, he knows all kinds of treasures in the clan collection like the palm of his hand, and although this "heavy prison peak" looks ordinary, it is still placed in the most precious light curtain, not for anything else, just because of this Lingbao, their Lin clan has never been able to really urge it since they got it. In Lin Zhi's memory, there was once a strong man who reached the peak of creation in the clan, trying to force the strange "heavy prison peak", but in the end it was directly shocked by the Lingbao into serious injuries, since then, no one has ever played the idea of heavy prison peak again, even when Lin Langtian entered the clan Tibet, after many means of testing, In the end, they failed to take it away as they wished. But although no one can urge it, but everyone knows that this strange prison peak must be a very powerful Lingbao,plastic cosmetic tubes, but unfortunately, such a treasure, seems to need a special method of urging. emptycosmetictubes.com

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