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Wulin Inn 6 Picking Leaves and Flying Flowers Full-time Job

Oct 18th, 2022 at 01:40   Security & Safety   Gainsborough   266 views
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Although the painting fan peak is not very high, but the mountain is steep, climbing is not easy, but this person actually relies on this incredible posture, in the blink of an eye,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, has rushed to the peak. He stepped barefoot on the back of a feather crane, falling in the air, really like thunder in the clouds, flying immortals outside the sky, and before he could make a move, the first sound had already taken people away. The pupils of Guo Ao and Ling Baohe contracted at the same time! Guo Ao knew this man, and it was the red-haired monk in the golden tent of the King of Wuyue, Zeroya! As soon as he fell to the ground,ultrasonic extraction cbd, he took one look at Guo Ao Ling holding the crane in his arms. With a smile on his face, he bowed to Guo Ao and said, Little Monk Zheluoyana, who comes from Tianzhu in the Western Regions, is really lucky to see the great virtue of China. Guo Ao folded his fists and said, You're welcome, Master. Zeroyana turned around and bowed to Ling Baohe. "Little monk Zeroyana, from Tianzhu in the Western Regions, is really lucky to see the great virtue of the Middle Earth.". It was exactly the same. Ling Baohe was fighting with Guo Ao when he interrupted him with a long roar. Unhappy, he looked up at the sky and said lightly, I don't know you, and you don't know me either. Where does luck come from? With a slight smile, Zeroya said, The young monk has come to the Middle Earth to pay a visit to a man who is highly skilled in martial arts. Unfortunately, by chance, the few born masters he has just met with great difficulty are only in a hurry, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and they are already hard to find. Fortunately, the little monk received Wang Ye's order, saying that several masters would fight here. The little monk took the liberty and came to see it. Shen Qingxuan curled his lips and said, Monk, you only pay your respects to the two of them. Why don't you come and pay your respects to me? Jeroyana glanced at her and said, The girl hasn't cultivated herself enough, so the little monk doesn't want to pay her a visit. When Zeroya said this, Shen Qingyu's pretty face sank and he said coldly, Do you mean that my martial arts are not good? Jeroya nodded his head and said, If you don't believe me, you can try to cut me with a sword. As long as the girl can hit me, I will not only pay a visit, but also sincerely ask the girl for advice. It's just that I don't think the girl has the ability. Shen Qingxuan was furious and said ferociously, I'll know if I have this ability after I try it! In the sound of choking, pulled out the Wuyang sword! As soon as Shen Qing's sword formula was introduced, the slanting light flashed and stabbed out at the right chest of Zeroya. When she saw that monk Tuoda, she knew that he must have some ability, but she didn't dare to do her best. This sword had seven points to attack and three points to defend. She expected that even if the martial arts of Zeroya were excellent, how high could they be? Hearing what he had read, he reached out with his left hand, spread his five fingers, and brushed the Wuyang Sword. Shen Qingxuan almost laughed, such a play, really barbaric, swordsmanship changes, not the palm can frame. At that moment, she even carried out the remaining three parts of the force together, and in the light of the sword, she rolled up seven bowl-sized sword flowers and cut them on the finger of Zeroya. Just listen to a light sound of Zheng, Shen Qingxuan only felt a pain in the tiger's mouth, Wuyang sword somehow was covered by the finger of Luo Ye, suddenly flew out! The figure in front of him flashed, and Guo Ao jumped up like an eagle. His hand was on display, and he had already grasped the Wuyang Sword in his hand. Once again, the light of the sword was sprinkled like snow, and the figure of Zeroya was wrapped up. The two hands of Jeroya waved together. His martial arts are very strange, his fingers are separated, like a broken cattail leaf fan with only fan bones left, waving very casually. The moves are so strange that they are totally unlike the Central Plains Kungfu. But his True Qi is strong, his moves are changeable, and he has another set of strange mental skills. His two hands are like two huge net bags, which are full of empty bags. Guo Ao's sword light is scattered by him in the air! Guo Ao suddenly withdrew his sword. With a flash of cold light, he handed the Wuyang Sword to Shen Qingxuan and said, Take it well this time. Don't fight with others casually. Shen Qing's nose was blue: "Are you insulting me?"? Guo Ao said lightly, I just don't want to see you work hard. Shen Qingxuan suddenly threw Wuyang Sword to the ground and said bitterly, I want you to teach me a lesson! Guo Ao ignored her. "Almsgiver," said Zeroya Naji, "you are so good at kungfu. Little monk, come and learn some more. Although the tone of his Chinese is strange and stiff, his words and sentences are elegant and fluent. It seems that he had worked hard on Chinese for many years before he went to the East. Guo Ao shook his head and said, I won't fight with you. "Why?" Said Jeroya in a daze? Don't you people in the Central Plains like to fight to the death? Come on,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, hit me hard. Even if you kill me, I won't blame you. The little monk lives for martial arts and is willing to die for martial arts. "Txt Novel Paradise Online Library http://www.xiaoshuotxt.com/" is free of pop-up advertisements, clean and refreshing. It provides online reading of classic novels and literary books. 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