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Wulin Tianjiao Full-time Job

Nov 1st, 2022 at 03:16   Financial Services   Adwick le Street   296 views
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What about it? Alas, I shouldn't have kept it from him, but my father forbade me to say, so how could I speak out? Besides, there are many things. Dad hasn't told me yet! Her "origin" has always been an unsolved mystery in her mind! Husband's guess is not absurd, so her "Daddy" was not her biological father. Her "father" was an old servant of her family, named Zhang Yan. Before she just broke. When she nursed, her mother entrusted her to this old servant. At that time, it was called one year old, and she only knew that her father was in the Song Dynasty. As an official, he somehow offended the court and was ransacked. Her mother, who lived in the countryside, entrusted her to Zhang before the official came. Inflammation. This was what Zhang Yan told her later, and she didn't even know her father's name. I only know that my father's surname is Zhang, and Zhang Yantong. Family. Therefore, when her mother entrusted her to Zhang Yan, she insisted that Zhang Yan pretend to be her father. Of course, she wanted to know more about her parents, but Zhang Yan refused to tell her. She was brought up by Zhang Yan and has long been accustomed to Zhang Yan as her own father. Zhang Yan originally promised her to tell her about her life experience when she was sixteen years old, but when she was sixteen years old,cordierite c520, she She married Tan Daocheng on her birthday, and on the eve of leaving the cabinet, Zhang Yan promised to reveal the secret of her life. Zhang But Yan said to her with tears in her eyes, "Please forgive me. I can't tell you your life story when the time comes." She asked: "So when will you tell me?" Zhang Yan says: "I also do not know to want when, nevertheless, if opportunity is all the time." If not, I will leave you a suicide note when I die. I've already written the suicide note. Adoptive father's grace is as deep as the sea, she What else can I say? She had no memory of her biological parents,ceramic welding tape, and wanted to know about them mostly out of curiosity. Already. She was used to the quiet life in the mountains, and she had a husband who loved her deeply, and she was satisfied with the life she had now. Son. In her heart of hearts, she was a little afraid that knowing what had happened to her parents would disturb her mind. (Have the parents suffered? Fortunately, in fact, she has not yet known. But from the tone and manner in which Zhang Yan spoke to her that night, she felt vaguely. By now, the parents have probably suffered misfortune. As the days passed, her son was now five years old. "Dad," not yet. When the "time" came to tell her the secret, she did not want to uncover the mystery of her life. She often thought, "If I could spend my life in peace like this.". What's wrong with it? Why bother? But now her. Her husband stirred up her troubles! She felt that her husband had doubts about her origin, alas, but unfortunately, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,steatite c221, she did not know her own clearly. Life experience. She was in a panic, and since she dared not reveal the secret, she could only test her husband to see if he knew anything. It's secret. Tan Daocheng, like his wife, has something to say in his heart, but it is not convenient to say it directly. Is there anything else you find strange? "?" Zhang Xuebo asked. "No, nothing," said Tan Daocheng. However, I have just encountered a rare thing. Zhang Xuebo opened his eyes wide. "What's so rare?" "I saw your father talking to a stranger behind a rock," said Tan. For so many years, it seems never. I've never seen anyone outside looking for your father. "Oh, what kind of person is he?" Asked Zhang Xuebo. "I didn't see his face," said Tan Daocheng. "I only knew he wasn't the hunter I met on the mountain. They didn't see me either. "What did they say?" Asked Zhang Xuebo. Tan Daocheng laughed and said, "How can I eavesdrop on your father's conversation?"? They whispered, and I hurried past, but I couldn't hear them clearly. But the accent of the stranger seemed to be a southern accent. Zhang Xuebo said, "We originally fled from the south of Dasanguan Pass. I'm afraid this man was my father's previous acquaintance in the countryside." Maybe. I'll ask him again tonight. Tan Daocheng said, "I think it's better for Dad to tell you himself, because maybe he doesn't want you to know about it." Zhang Xuebo said with a smile, "I know what you're thinking. You're afraid Dad will ask me how I know about this. It's inevitable." Suspicion of eavesdropping. Tan Daocheng said with a smile, "When did you learn to be so oversensitive? I just thought that if I could let you know about this, your Of course Dad will tell you. Zhang Xuebo looked up at him as if he wanted to say something, but he lowered his head. "Hey, what are you thinking about?" Asked Tan Daocheng. Zhang Xuebo said, "I'm afraid you'll say I'm oversensitive, so I won't say anything." Tan Daocheng said, "Don't be angry with me. If I tell you a joke, you will take it seriously.". Come on, husband and wife. What else can't be said? Zhang Xuebo said: "I also feel a little strange about what happened these two days." "What are you wondering?" Asked Tan Daocheng. "I'm surprised," said Zhang Xuebo. "Why don't the guests come, or all of a sudden?" "Oh," said Tan Daocheng, "so you mean that a guest came to see my father the day before yesterday." Zhang Xuebo said, "Our two families have taken refuge in the barren hills.". For more than a decade, there have been no visitors, but these two days are the same. Yes, first someone came to find your father, and then someone came to find my father. Do you think this is a coincidence, or, or- "Tan Daocheng's face became grave unconsciously." Or what? "He asked. Zhang Xuebo said with a smile, "Don't laugh at me for being oversensitive. I always feel like it's a bad omen. The day before yesterday, I went out early in the morning and met one." A crow went out this morning and met another crow. Tan Daocheng laughed and said, "How can you compare two guests to two crows?" Zhang Xuebo did not stop because of his interruption. Mouth, continued to say: "I am really a little worried, worried that these two guests,Ceramic Bobbin, will be like an ominous crow, to us." Bad luck! Tan Daocheng comforted his wife and said, "Don't be so superstitious. I think it's just a coincidence.". Haven't I heard of another war recently? Did you? The guest who came to look for my father the day before yesterday took refuge at the foot of the mountain. He came from my father's hometown and knew that my father was hiding on the mountain. global-ceramics.com

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The shape of the lamp was like a horse's hoof, which contained half of the liquid like clear water and ignited a little bright fire. But strangely, no matter how fast and fast these lamps flew, There was no shaking of the liquid and the fire. (Small) "Sure enough, it's the cloud, water, wind,10g Ozone Generator, thunder, and bright lantern. This four-hoofed beast has actually cultivated this magic to the realm of one hundred and eight bright lanterns. I'm afraid the Six Ren Flame Demon Chain God Pillar can't control it!" Lingshou Taoist secretly scolded in his heart, "Is it necessary for Lao Tzu to spend the power of the primordial spirit and use that magic weapon to drive this four-hoofed beast away?"