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Xiao Xing Ji Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:23   Independent & Freelance   Salford   318 views
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But Bai Jile's progress was beyond Lin Xiao's expectation. Bai Jile, who has been pestering his eight wives all day, is deliberately given preferential treatment by the spirit of the shrine. Unexpectedly, after 490,000 years, he had the peak strength of Da Luo Jinxian. If he hadn't spent too much time on his eight wives, it would have been too much. He even broke through the realm of immortals like Ao Xue! Lin Xiao can only sigh with emotion. This disciple picked up from the earth for no reason is really a genius of practice! Da Luo Jinxian's peak strength, ah, how many immortals in the fairy world can't touch this edge for billions of years? I am taking stock of the strength of these people around me. Dan Fusheng and Danxia, as well as a genuine elder of Da Luodan, walked into the small courtyard one after another. Lin Xiao hurriedly turned over to the ground and bowed down heavily to the elders of the school, experiencing a lot of things. Lin Xiao already has a heart of stone, but at this moment. Tears trickled down his eyes. He sobbed and kowtowed heavily to Dan Fusheng and others, not knowing what he was saying. Dan Fusheng picked up Lin Xiao. He chuckled and said, "Xiaoer, you're going to the fairy world.". Strive to find medicine,ultrasonic spray nozzle, how can we be missing? You go there to set up the Rejuvenation Hall. Is it not the great cause of my great Rodin Road? How can we not go to this matter? Lin Xiao is not pretentious. "Master is absolutely right," he said respectfully. We should go together! The name of my Great Rodin Way will resound through the world of Zhou Tian one day! The spirit from the temple jumped out from Lin Xiao's side again. He laughed and said, "Master.". This is the list of immortals selected by Gong Ling to follow you to the fairy world. As a newly rising school in the fairy world, Rejuvenation Hall has two immortals with amazing strength. So Gong Ling specially selected a group of immortals whose strength would not attract attention! Lin Xiao nodded gently, he took the list, eyes swept over Dan Fusheng,ultrasonic welding transducer, Danxia, Green Hoe, Ao Xue, Shen Xiaobai, Bai Jile, Ling Batian, Yao Ying and other relatives and friends. A heroic spirit comes from the bottom of my heart. This time, he was no longer alone in the fairy world. He has so many relatives and friends around him. They also have the whole Qiyuan world behind them. Who is he afraid of? Sanding Xianzun? When the name of Lin Xiao reappeared in the fairy world, it was the time when his three tripods of immortals became three broken tripods! With a slight shake of his body, Lin Xiao's facial muscles produced a wonderful change. Whiskers slowly sprouted from under his jaw. Lin Xiao's figure also gradually shortened and became thin and shriveled. Soon, the emaciated Lin Shan appeared in front of everyone! Lin Xiao said lightly, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "The head of the Rejuvenation Hall.". It's Lin Shan! A few months later, the fairy world welcomed the fairy post, and a fairy array leading to the'Sharo world 'flashed an auspicious light.The light flickered, and there was no figure of Lin Xiao in the moving array, but in the immortal array of Yingxianyi. Ao Xue and Shen Xiaobai appeared at the same time. The two men made up a lot of nonsense. Hurriedly immersed in the casting fairy pool, less than a quarter of an hour before flying up, followed by the pace of Lin Xiao rushed to the Red River Star. Followed by the Green Hoe, Bai Jile, Yao Ying smoothly from the'one night a world 'soaring,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, they also rushed to the Red River Star. Followed by Dan Fusheng, Danxia and other big Luo Dan Road elders from the "difficult Luo Tuo Realm" soaring. They also made up their own history. Went to the Red River Star. Followed by Ling Batian, together with his overlord pawn two hundred thousand people from the'war world 'soaring. It was after they made a little disturbance in Yingxianyi. Through dozens of other planets. Turn around more than a dozen times before they converge on the Red River Star. fycgsonic.com

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A great sage with silver hair and eyes.