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Zhu Xian _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 3rd, 2022 at 02:18   Independent & Freelance   Darlington   301 views
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But these days, he sleeps in the open air, nothing else, the ability to fly in the air is greatly improved, no longer as frightened as before. At this moment, he looked up at the sky, looked down at the blue sea at his feet, and could not help smiling bitterly. Without thinking, Zhang Xiaofan suddenly heard a clear birdsong in front of him. He looked up and saw a white seagull flying over the sea. As soon as Zhang Xiaofan's heart moved, at the beginning of going to sea, many people saw these seabirds, but when they flew far away, the seabirds could not reach them, so they could no longer see them. Unexpectedly, in the depths of the sea, we can still see seabirds. It seems that there must be an island nearby. With this in mind, Zhang Xiaofan immediately became excited, and without hesitation, he flew in the direction of the seagull. The vast sea is boundless, and on the distant horizon, the sea and the sky are the same color, like a poem and a picture. Flying in the sky between heaven and earth, suddenly there is the meaning of dust, relaxed and happy, as if the whole person is integrated with heaven and earth. After flying for half an hour, I saw a small island in front of me. Seen from the sky, the whole island is lush and green, covered with vegetation, and the sea water near the island is clear and blue,316l stainless steel pipe, like crystal clear blue jade. Zhang Xiaofan flew for a long time, and his body was a little tired. At that moment, he fell down with a fire stick and rested on the island for a while. As soon as he stepped on the ground, Zhang Xiaofan looked around, only to see that the scenery on the ground was different from that in the sky, and it was even clearer. Waves of clear water washed away the white sand beach, and in most places near the sea, there was a kind of tree that had never been seen in China. Its trunk was high, but it had no side branches, and it went straight to the sky. Only at the top of the tree,a333 grade 6 pipe, there were large branches and leaves. Under the branches and leaves, there were fruits as big as a child's head. And deeper into the island, in addition to this tall tree, low shrubs are also gradually flourishing. The woods are densely covered, but there is no road in sight. It seems that no one has been here for thousands of years. Overhead, seagulls sing and hover over the island, and the fresh sea breeze blows from the sea level, which is very cool. Zhang Xiaofan took a deep breath, and in this desolate and lonely place, a sense of tiredness came up. He looked around, but there was nothing strange about it. He found a clean place, lay down in his clothes, and soon fell asleep. This sleep is quite good, the island is quiet, in addition to the tide and sea breeze, there is no change, naturally no one will come to disturb, Zhang Xiaofan slept until dusk, just woke up. After stretching and standing up, Zhang Xiaofan walked to the beach and looked up, x52 line pipe ,uns c70600, only to see the sea view at dusk, which was quite different from that in the daytime. The setting sun was like blood, and on the coastline of the western skyline, it reflected a piece of clouds and sea water.  like a part of his body. On that day, although he said something to ten thousand people in a high-sounding way, he still did not feel so good when he came to himself. After all, it is not easy for him, a small disciple who grew up in a famous school, to suddenly accept that his magic weapon is evil. Thinking of this,x56 line pipe, he couldn't help but look at the fire stick again. Looking at the more and more bloodshot at the moment, he couldn't help thinking, "How many ghosts have been buried by this magic weapon?". lksteelpipe.com

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A great sage with silver hair and eyes.